The Crew

This is an unofficial list of all our frequent flyers. Some are regulars, some are guests, and all are welcome.

Aaron Denney

Aaron Boesch

Abel Almaguer

Bill Carter

Bob Bucher

Bob Davis

Brian Hall

Bud Welch

Chris Nelson


Dylan Baklor

Ed Lopez

Elvin Monge

Eric Diaz

Pope Diaz

Eric Cordero


Glenn Dunlap

Greg Templin


Jose Abella

Jose Dipre

Juan Mardonado

Lucian Lane

Magdiel Morales

Mark Reid

Martin Pino



Owen Joslyn

Paul Silfker

Randy Bair

Rick Hetzel

Ryan Michaels

Steve Jacobs


Missing someone? Let us know (leave a comment)


5 responses to “The Crew

  1. What a motley Crew!!!!!

  2. Has the DHS found this yet? Rougue flyers….lots of time on their hands?! :o)

  3. U guys stil fly out there? When?

  4. Flying site is now closed off. However, the same crew is flying back at the old spot off of Amelia by the Navy Annex.

    • Thanks Chris,,, so you guys are now the navy annex flyers?? Haha. Well that stinks was hoping you guys still flew there,,, I’m in Saint Cloud, I fly strictly electric both helps and planes and was looking for a group to fly with down here…. I fly my electrics at Stevens Plantation off Canoe Creek Rd jus down from the elementary school…paved road lightly used and two big fields regulary mowed and flat… Apparently it used to be an RC field years back from what I heard, but getting a bit dull flying by myself! Thanks for the reply and Happy Flying!

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