Storch and Airco DH-2

A GREAT day in sunnny Orlando today….some flybys (aka Chris), catching beavers again, crashes, near misses and alot of good clean fun!

Thanks guys! >>Bud


How To Catch a Beaver…. I & II

A great day of flying at this place…..

What a motley crew…..

Can anyone guess where this is?

Check out this cool flying place! It’s more than a day’s drive I tell ya….

Looks nice!

Looks nice!

More Skyburner SU-37…

A great shot of Bud, JC and Gregg with our newly built SU’s! We had them all up in the air at the same time the other Saturday…what a blast! Hey Reggie…send over the video!

Also here is a video of the SU-37 shot by Abel!

SU-35 & F-14 (by Chris)

It looks like we got the SU-35 in the air. Gregg flew his first. Mine Maidened yesterday, Abel flew maidened his today (will get photos after he paints it), JC is still working on his. I included the F-14 of Steve’s, aka Fingers. What a great paint job! >Bud

Owen’s Folding Sign Plane!

Awesome! This plane flew so well it was an instant hit!

Check out the wa you can fold it and mail it! > Bud