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73 responses to “Discussion

  1. Well folks, I tried to archive the last page of the discussion…

    A big shout out to Chris!

    I hope our flight paths cross again!

    If anyone has any photos or video you would like posted, just send it to RCBud9@gmail.com .

    Does anyone know of any fly-ins around town?

  2. Hey JC did you get the SU-35 flying yet?

  3. Almost… It’s waiting on servos.. I’ll have it done next week…
    I did get the Trex 450 (clone) flying. Still teaking but it’s up.. I’ll bring it out this weekend..

  4. Opps!!! “tweaking”

  5. Anybody know where the CG is on the foam jet we got from Chris?

  6. Sorry i couldnt make it out sunday jc forgot to set the alarm and woke up at noon lol. Are you talking bout the SU-35 gregg? IF so jc’s plane is almost the same as the ones we got from chris and its around the first tab on the “inlets” on the bottom.

  7. Two fingers below the corresponding angle near where the line intersects with the parallel line giving you the correct ratio in order to obtain and maintain the precise location in order to ascertain the correct center of balance…right about there….

  8. Abel….thanks…but what is the first tab?….are you talking about the three tabs that interlock on the sides? And is it the most forward one?


  9. Yup those are the ones and yeah the first tab.

  10. Hey ! 🙂

  11. Guys, once you nail the CG, let ME KNOW! Seriously, JC has it right as I gave up trying to figure out the hypotenuse of the angle using the theorem of glide to weight ratio factored by the square root of the alternator output in ohms….err, whatever Budd said… Sad thing is, I don’t remember where the CG is, all I know is it worked for me. Please let me know so when I draw up plans, I can include the info on the instructions!!!

  12. Chris….I know where the CG….it will cost you in rolaties…..the treasure map for the CG is costly!

    By the way Bud …its is a SU35 not 33.

  13. Well i think the rafale is fixed. After 2 edf’s. few speed controllers and some nice crashes. i moved the esc outside right in the inlet and flew it for 4:50 and didnt shit off once. but it ate up that 1800 three cell quickly. sunday ill fly it again. along with the SU-37. its gona b awsome

  14. whoops i meant shut off. lol my bad

  15. Hey bud and jc what size prop did you guys use on the bp hobbies 2212-6 motor the 5×5? cus im trying to find it and went to bobs n graves n they dont have it. graves has a 5.5×4.5.

  16. Same motor, I used a APC E 6×4….would like to try one of the above mentioned to see any difference. My prop pulled 21.6 amps on Thunder Power 1320.

  17. Cool thanks gregg, did u also get a wattage number? just wana make sure it wont exceed what its designed for.

  18. Just got back from graves n they had som e APC 5×5 in stock so i got a few. Ill take them out sunday so you guys can try them.

  19. Hey Dudes!!! I use a 6X4 on that motor.. Plenty of power… Way, way back i tried a smaller prop (5X something) and the motor got too hot..

  20. Well the SU-37 is done!!!!! Jc r u going to b there tomorrow? I just wana do a good cg double check i think mines is a bit tail heavy. If i try to balance it on the “first tabs” it goes tail down a bit, but they way i do also a cg check on a foamy is take it outside and run pretty fast and kinda let it go off my hands a bit and see how it glides. and it did pretty well lol, im prob somewhere in the cg range but wont know till it flies hehe. Cyall tomorrow.

  21. Well im ready to paint my su-37. What are you guys using to paint them?

  22. Heres the link to a quick video i made today of the su-37. enjoy.

  23. Hey Abel, Looks good man!!! I’ve used Krylon short cuts and also airbrush.. Both good, airbrush is less messy.. I’ll have mine out there this weekend…

  24. Anyone going out flying tomorrow morning?

  25. I’ll be out there…

  26. Where is that place from the pictures?

  27. Red rocket hobbies is having a contest, weekly i believe. They send a pic on the emails and if u r the first to identify the product with the name and product code from the website u win something. I got the email on friday and imidiatly knew it was the new parkzone su-26, i sent in the infro and won a $25 gift card for redrocket hobbies.com. Here is the link to join the email mailing list and contest rules. http://www.redrockethobbies.com/Red_Rocket_Hobbies_Find_It_Contest_s/665.htm

  28. Hey Fellas, If anyone found an inexpensive FM radio Sunday late morning, early afternoon, please let me know. The owner stopped by Monday morning hoping it would still be there, but no luck. I have his contact info.

    Abel, Who’s T-rex was that?

  29. Didnt c anything out there i went sunday round 4:30 pm. I dont know the guys name but he was the one that flies really crazy, He was tearing it up with the extra and the trex. Really nice flying he did.

  30. I know most of us now fly with 2.4 ghz, but in case there is someone out there with old 72 mhz radio and wants a great receiver for a very low price check out this link. Its a futaba R149DP PCM 1024 reciever that retail for $125, im selling it for $75, its almost brand new.

  31. Thanks Abel!

    Great flying with the HELO! JC…you missed a nice flight!

    BTW…can you tell I am drooling at the mouth to buy the tiger glider? lol

  32. Man I wish I could have seen it!!! I finally got mine back in the air..
    Abel, How much expo do you use in you swash plate controls???

  33. Hehe bud yeah i can tell, i was the same way for like 4 months till i finally got it. Jc lots of people talk bout how pros and masters use expo, but i have never used it on any planes or helis. I dont know why just been flying without expo since my first airplane n heli. I have heard that 30% is a good starting point. Ill try to make it out this weekend again and fly it a bit more.

  34. If i get out this weekend, im bringing my new toy just got a few minutes ago. Its a lightweight aircraft lol…….

  35. Amen to expo, but what did you buy Abel?

  36. Fine i didnt want to tell lol. I got the parkzone micro su-26m. Its so much fun to fly

  37. Hey bud here is your chance. Graves droped the price of the glider down to $92.49. Here is the link


  38. Thanks Abel…I was there today and was “good” and didn’t even look….If I had known I would have broke down and bought it……lol…

    Hey Chris! I got AJ soloing his slow stick!

  39. Wow, this blog used to be so active… What happened to everyone?? I wrote a comment for Gregg & no response… I wrote back to Bud (FB) also and still no response.. I hope all is well with everyone and happy flying.

  40. Looks like the old gang is going strong and having interesting times still to me! It actually takes a lot of effort, and you know that those spare moments are far and few to enjoy the hobby.

    I’m over in the left coast these days and busy, mainly too busy to build or fly much. Every weekend we’ve been traveling to Tahoe or SF or doing some sort of activity so I havent even had much chance to fly…

  41. I did buy five planes at a swap meet this weekend tho!

    1. A gently used Eflite Tribute FX in great condition.
    2. An old WattAge F86 kit, missing a cowl but comes with an acrylic plug for vacuforming a new one.
    3.A duplicate F-86, but missing some minor foam parts I can fab.
    4. A lovely Scorpio Albatros DV park flyer. An awesome WW1 fighter.
    5. A cool 74″WS U2 free flight glider that I’d like to figure out how I can make into an EDFer.

    oh, and if you count the Multiplex Fox chuck glider, that makes 6. These are very hard to find right now and I’ve got hotliner plans in mind already for it. Can you say 75mph on a 19.5″ WS? Look OUT!

  42. Man looks like the west coast is treating you right. We still got the su-37’s patroling the skies out here, and steve doing short patrols on his f-14 which always ends up crashing after a few minutes of flight, without any damage.

  43. Cocoa beach airshow. Just in case some didnt know there will be an airshow at cocoa beach oct 3&4. Any just release “THE F-22 WILL DO A FLY BY” ON SUNDAY. Cyal there. 🙂

  44. Just last weekend (Sunday) I dragged the family out to a deactivated AFB for the phenomenal
    “California Capital Airshow” demos. All day flightline and some incredible demos. Aerobatics in Extra 300s and an Edge, F18E Superhornet (gotta see this puppy at high AOA crawling across the sky!), the Patriots demo team in L39s, some cool C-17 touch and gos. Wing walkers, and an USAF jet car race. All cool.

    But when the F-22 did its thing, all that other stuff looks dinky. Wow.

    I almost felt sorry for the Thunderbirds having to follow the F-22 up.

  45. Someone posted a video of the demo I saw:

  46. Reno air races tomorrow. Only a 3 hr drive. I had a chance to go w/coworker but I’m going to have to pass until next year… Back pain and the missus is doing a craft fair so I’m on daddy detail. Such heavy burndens I bare….. 🙂

  47. OH that was so sweet, i hope it does some of that stuff at the cocoa airshow. Did you get to c it up close?

  48. Unfortunately, no. They kept the raptors (2!) about 150 ft away from the crowd. The show I saw was on Sunday, the one in the video was on Saturday but it was the exact same routine. Was so unbelievably cool!

    The T-bird show was great too, don’t get me wrong. Incredible precision and tons of talent to coordinate that kind of flying . But watching a solo raptor flight was beyond cool.

    I was digging through some other videos of the show and it turns out that on the Saturday only, a B2 overflight took place. Check the video out, its by the same guy who did the raptor video…

  49. Hey Chris, nice vids for sure. I hop all is well on the other coast. You are right about trying to find time for flying anymore. My family will always be my 1st priority as I’m sure is the case with most people. I have made the plunge into giant scale now. I still have a variety of .60 size birds, but I just maidened my Top Flite GS P51. What a difference from the older days with that little PTS I used to have. It’s like going from a Hyundai (no offense to whoever has one) to a Cadillac. Anyways, good luck out there man. Keep the vids coming as you get a chance.. Peace 🙂

  50. Thanks H, yup family first. I hear about “Airplane Widows” every now and then from the old timers. Gotta have our priorities straight!

    I missed that B2 overflight since it was on the day before we went-bummer as that looked like one spooky plane ghosting across the sky. Round-trip flights from Missouri to Iraq and back must be lonely on those rides. But when that thing is in the sky, I’m sorry, if you are a bad guy derka-derka type, kiss your sorry ass good bye….

  51. Well just letting everyone know. Ive been talking for a long time that i was gona get my A&P liscence, and finally got it. Took my last test today, aced it and im now a liscence Airframe & Powerplant mechanic. YEI

  52. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  53. Chris and H,

    Miss seeing you guys. My son’s longest flight in the B2 was a little over 19 hours. Last summer he did like 4 airshows in one flight, took 5 hours and one re-fueling…have to get your training in somehow.

  54. Sucks i couldnt be out flying wit yall today, but i was at the cooa beach airshow. What a great show, the only bad things were that the f-22 came in from the left little high did a slow fly by and hit afterburners and we never saw it again! WTF? was that? Also the f-16 had mechanical problems and didnt fly, but was still a great show, editing the pics and they will be up soon.

  55. Dang, Able. I feel for you man. I got a full on show and you got a fly by. Guess that they were just making a token run from Pensacola because the real demo teams were busy. Did you get to catch a super hornet doing it’s high aoa crawl by?

    Congrats on your license, btw. If you get OV10 certification under your belt or some Beech King Air, I might know a few people…. Just sayin’

    Was a windy weekend here. Actually rained Saturday night for a bit. Just enough to make your car all dirty, not enough to clean it… Temps upper 40s low and 65 high. Should be dead calm tomorrow and I have to work!

    Anyway, I’m plugging along on my Albatros. I damaged the foam a bit using the wrong glue and tape (peeled off parts of the stock skin) so I ended up spackling like crazy and laying silk span tissue with WPU. Tons of sanding, tons of coats of WPU. Smooth and clean now but gained a bit of weight to the fuse. I’m wrapping up the paint tonight and getting ready to peel off the tape. Hopefully she’ll look good enough.

  56. Didnt get a super hornet but got a hornet. Very cool color too all white with black lightning. Think it was a reserve f/a-18. Will post pics up soon.

  57. Well. Bought a flycamone v2 yesterday, put it on the glider and got some nice video. Went today n flew the lancair with it on and was flying good. I think i got to far and lost orientation or something happened not sure, but lost in some deep woods, on curry ford and dean road area near the houses on the left by the big tower near the small brige. Lost the plane and the camera! Oh well……We’ll be back out at regular field soon.

  58. Hey, is anyone going to Monster Planes???? Stretch and I will be going on Friday.. Hope to see you guys there!!!!!

  59. http://www.eagle-i.us/funfly/
    If anyone is interested in attending, we are hosting a fun fly on Saturday. All participants will need to show proof of AMA membership. If you have any questions, please feel free to write me an email!!! Thanks in advance

  60. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone and Happy

  61. Happy New Year! Wishing you good health, peace and pro$perity for 2010

  62. Happy Holidays to all!!!!

  63. What a way to end the year!!! Happy flying to everyone. Remember that takeoffs are optional, landings are mandatory!!! Peace

  64. Pretty cool H!!! Happy New Year guys!

  65. “Jets” March 4-7 at Lakeland. Anybody going?

  66. Anyone going to sun n fun this sunday?

  67. Hello everyone. Just letting everyone know that i have put up my ef2000 EDF jet that yall see me flying for sale. here is the link, let me know if anyone wants it. Yall get first dibs 🙂


  68. Abel: I’d take it off your hands if I were local. I’m looking for a good EDF myself and this is a bargain!

  69. Hehe yeah, how u been out there? Someone is coming to see it today afternoon, so its prob gona b sold then. Thats what i bought it for, used it a few months and now got the rafale ready to fly and it hauls @$$ so im gona stay with it, lol i still havent fixed the nose cone on the rafale 😛

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