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  1. Hey guys, I have to work this weekend so no flying for me. Looks like the weather will be crappy anyway. Thanks Fay!

  2. “Gator Greg” has suggested that we do our slow stick events perhaps every 2nd weekend of the month. I think this a good idea so we don’t burn out the fun too quickly. Possible upcoming events, besides combat and pylon racing are:

    A limbo contest-how low can you go!
    A spot landing competition-start from 50′ and make it to a bullseye.
    Balloon popping-This could be cool event, perhaps we can use Glenn’s pole/pylons?

    Those were some cool ideas that Greg threw out, all of the sound like some serious fun.

  3. The “DX7” ….”BACK UP ERROR”…. problem. Those of you who have this radio ARE susceptible to this problem. I’ve spoken to Horizon Hobbies and was informed that there IS NO internal battery. SOOOO, once you get this message (that’s NOT in your user’s manual) you’re sunk. The chip or E-prom MUST be re-burned after having been wiped clean. The real problem is, THEY DON’T KNOW WHY THIS OCCURS. They say allot of things can cause it. Don’t feel alone. Just go to Google and enter “Spekturm – backup error”. You’ll see It’s a pretty wide spread occurrence. So far that I know, it’s only happened to me and Jose Abella. I’ve brought my radio back to Steve’s Hanger for him to ship to Horizon. I’ll keep you informed of what happens and the costs.

  4. Yeah, that really sucks, Steve. I think I’ll keep my DX6 as a backup just in case I have to go without. At least Horizon has stepped up to the plate but what they really need is a 2.0 PCB replacement that actually uses a battery backup instead of flash memory. At least some redundancy would be nice. I havent heard of this with the DX6i yet-fingers crossed….

  5. Hey Steve, At least you’ll have enough time on your hands to build Chris’s CLIK.. No flying for me either this weekend. I’ll be out of town. You guys might have to put floats on your planes to fly this weekend.

  6. Wish I had time to build my own damn Clik! On the flipside, I finished building my hot wire jig table today and it worked like a champ! Steady hand and perhaps a bit of practice still needed but it should be able to handle up to 2″ foam thickness. I’ll take some photos of it soon and do a write up after I test it some more…

  7. Even if it stopped raining tonight the field is probably a mess. I think it will be a “Honey Do” morning…besides I got to get a tire patched and an oil change. I think I will take a run to Bob’s or Graves…still looking for that second plane! I also plan to work on my workbench area…Send some photos of what your workarea looks like and how you store your planes!! Mine ids on the dining room table and my wife hates it!!!!

  8. Got a garage with available ceiling space, Bud?

  9. Hey guys, I think Owen should try and build this “Fan Wing”

  10. That is very cool, Greg. But do you really need to get him going on this? I mean-he lost a lot of sleep the last idea he fixated on!

  11. I think Owen can make it….out of BLUE Foam!

    Anybody Fly today?

  12. I like the “closest to the Pin” race that Gregg was describing…Getting up high and cutting the throttle and glide all the way in. The closest is the winner….but no crashing into the middle of the target just to win!!!!

  13. “but no crashing into the middle of the target just to win!!!!”-there goes Steve’s strategy!

  14. Hey fellas, Did you guys fly this weekend? Just wondering how the field was looking.

  15. I was out on Sunday…the field was in great shape! It was a nice morning…mother nature’s sunrise in HD….

  16. Hey …I heard Paul lost his FlyCam2….came off his plane in mid flight….that is one cool camera!

  17. Yeah, he did. We tried helping him sweep the field but it was hard with the grass so high and he didn’t know where it fell off. Shame, since the camera was so nice.

  18. I figured it would be a mess, so I opted to stay in also.. I really don’t have any planes that have floats anyways. Hopefully this weekend will be a little nicer.

  19. Hey Steve, sorry to hear about your DX-7 issue. It has happened to me twice!!!!! I was told that if you leave the transmitter on and the battery foes dead, it will happen. To make things even stranger, this time they decided to send a completely new set. Yes, everything……Radio, servos, etc…..stay tuned to find out what I’m putting the new gear in. Unless Stretch opened his big mouth…

  20. foes?????????? Chris, how do you edit this thing???? πŸ™‚

  21. Hehe, only the admin can edit comments!


    Cant wait to see what you come out with. I’ll be there on Sunday, Saturday is looking bad for me.

  22. Looking into a new radio. Does that problem Steve and Jose occur on the DX6i also?
    Chris, what do you think?

  23. I don’t know if their prob is related to the lack of power to an eprom or other memory device, but I’ve left my DX6i for extended periods without batteries (4 AA batteries) out while they recharge. I chose to recharge them on a wall charger unit where they can charge a bit faster. Perhaps a full week or so and then placed them back in without a backup error. All my models and programming were there. I love the DX6i, I like it better than the 7. Easier to program. AA batteries are great (I bought 2200mAH Lithium Ion AAs) and last a long time-much less than my old dx6! I havent charged mine for at least 3 weeks and I still have plenty of voltage.

    Plus, I like the feel of the sticks better than both the 7 and the 6. The throttle has no ratchet and is smooth like butter. And it has model match, just like the 7 and it works with all DSM and DSM2 receivers! I paid 125$ for mine from a guy who got it with a Blade CX and didnt need a new radio. No RX, but I already had 4 so that was fine.

    Personally, I think the 6i rocks.

  24. Chris..thanks for the feedback. You answered my next question which is what happens to the DX6i when you swap out batteries.

    Just got off the phone with Corrie from tech support at Horizon Hobbies…. he said he gets a couple calls a week with “back up error” msg from the DX7, for various reasons ie; low battry, draining the battery, swapping out batteries to name a few …never with the 6i…he personally has the DX6i.

    I think I have my answer.

  25. Alright, show of hands…..who will be out there tomorrow?????? Supposed to be a little windy, but the morning should be fine.

  26. I’ll be there!!!! I hate to miss a sunrise in HD !!!

  27. Sunday for me. No go tomorrow….working all night….

  28. Hey Chris…Sunday seems to be a washout…..wind, wind,wind…

  29. Anybody FLY today?

  30. Not me. Winds were shaking the trees early so I thought it would be better if I let Mrs. Nelson sleep in a bit.

    If anyone is interested, I’ve recently completed a couple of modeling related projects. I just finished a hotwire jig, hotwire bow, and about to start a foam cutting table that will let me make blanks and cut thick foam with ease. Havent actually made anything with them yet but I now have tools to make wing cores and larger fuselages.

  31. Hey guys, is anybody going out tomorrow??????

  32. I’m giving it a shot Monday morning. They are showing 6 mph winds. That don’t sound too bad…

  33. I’m thinking this upcoming weekend will be a bit rough. We haven’t had much of a break for several weeks and we have, I’ve had to work :=(

  34. I dunno….. so far it calls for 5mph winds on Sat.. This would be great for me as I have a couple of birds I would like to maiden.

  35. I’ll be there.. It looks like 5-6 mph winds and no rain..

  36. FYI Graves will be having a big yard sale next week. It seemed they were serious about getting rid of a lot of old inv. If there’s an old bird, radio or engine you’ve been eyein, make them a really low offer, they may take it.


    On Saturday, 13 Sep 2008, Graves RC is going to have a huge on-site RC “Yard Sale” beginning at 9 a.m. This is primarily used equipment we have taken in trade or purchased from someone who has decided to get out of the hobby, but it can include new or discontinued products. The yard sale will be located at 4814 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Fl 32810 (our storefront). Items will include airplanes, cars, trucks, boats, helicopters, radios, engines and hundreds of miscellaneous RC related items. Come early for the best selection!

  37. I might have to check out the Graves thing. Evertime I go in there I have had my eye on a little ‘lectric for $165…but could never find anyone to ask about it to discuss price…..Although I think I might save for one of Gregg’s Saileplanes from Tower and put my own motor on it…40 minute flight time – awesome!

    What a Sunday! Alot of folks showed up…some I have never seen before…I guess the GOOD weather brought everyone out! Like Gregg said, ” a men’s bridge club…”

    By the way…My middle son A.J. got a big kick out of the parachute guys!!! A big shout out to Bob for the cup idea…I could do no wrong with my son this morning..it was a great bonding morning for he and I….PRICELESS!

    Signing off for now…Bud “I LOVE that plane” Welch !

  38. Hey Chris, how did the pics/video turn out???

  39. Sorry H, been dealing with a full XP reinstall so I havent even touched a the camera. My first time checking the site since FRIDAY since I’ve been offline the whole time.

  40. No problem Chris… Did you get hit with the “Antivirus XP 2008”???? I just dealt with that myself. Luckily I always have a backup of the backup of the backup so the re-installation was no biggie. Anyways, good luck with that. See ya at the field!!!!!!!

  41. Haha, yep, thats the one. It got past AVG when I installed a codec pack and then next thing I know things started to suck real bad. First time I’ve had to reinstall XP in several years-so it was long overdue. Norton360+AVG should help prevent this in the future. Stupid viruses.

  42. wow….I have to refomat my hard drive also….it started friday too. I have macafee. I am writing this from my pda….I bought a 500gig ext hd from dell, I will back-up all my photos and personal files….then reformat and reinstall everything..oh fun. what is avg?

  43. Wow!!!!! Wasn’t there anything larger than 500 gig?????

  44. I know….I could have had the 750 gig for only $50 more…

    My next attempt at this hobbie will be a drop/bomb box for parachutes or whatever…

    I ran into JC at the depot…I can’t wait to see his homemade motor starter…it should be pretty cool!

  45. Well, I finish the homemade starter and it works great!!!! It uses my cordless drill.. A 1 & 1/4 PVC end cap with a bolt through it and a 1& 1/4 plastic hose at the tip.. It turns my little GP .42 like a champ… Sweet!!!! I love DIY stuff..

  46. Hey JC!!! I can’t wait to see it!…When I saw all the parts in your hand I saw a bunch of stuff…and you saw a new starter! I hope I can do the same with my electrical box and cover for a parachute drop. Get the parts and sell it on e-bay!!!!

  47. You guys flying or going to Graves tomorrow??

  48. Sat weather….looks good for flying.
    9 AM Sunny 83F…winds From ENE 4 mph .
    See you there.

  49. FLYING !!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Great site guys! The field is a lot of fun even for the Birds my size… I will be back next Sunday if all goes well… I will even bring some of my small electrics!

    And thanks for the warm welcome to the newby!

    Ed Harley

  51. Great to have you out there.. It was fun watching your plane fill up the sky.. We’ll even wave the newby application fee.. LOL…

    C-ya out there…
    JC (the guy flying the tribute 36)

  52. JC, I love the place… It makes you fly small without feeling crowded… And I have to admitt, I have missed the Outlaw vib compared to an organized club… πŸ™‚

  53. Did anyone p/u anything from Graves?

    As I drove to work this morning…I looked at the wind…and all I thought about was…dropping that chute in the back of my pick-up (thanks for the idea JC)…. It is so hard describing a drop box and the thrill of having it actually work to a “Non-RC-Flyer”…

    A big thanks to Owen for cracking the code on my jumper’s weight issue…a little wieght…even out the risers…and whola…a nice slow decent…almost in the back of my pikum-up.

    Welcome to the field Ed!

    Have a good week!

  54. dont we have to vote to waive the newby fee? :p

  55. Do I get a chance to kiss Hands and shake babies or something like that before the vote ??? πŸ˜‰

  56. Don’t mind him, Ed. He growls every now and then but he is mostly harmless.

    Was great welcoming new guests at the field. We’re all very fortunate to have such a good field without the overhead. As long as it stays that way, we’re always welcoming newcommers.

  57. Thanks Chris! I like like growling things… You should meet my wife.. LOL BTW I have a smattering of electric parts lying around and I was wondering if this would make a good base for a powered Slow Stick??? http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&W=001220840&I=LXHCJ3&P=K
    It is the slope flyer version I have a little geared 370 Hacker and 18amp controller that should provide all the power a slow stick should need…

    I would hate to miss out of the next slo fly wars… πŸ™‚

  58. That sounds good Ed….get it ready, I need some competition. If you win, we will not wave the newbie application fee.

  59. Anybody goin’ out there tomorrow????? Yes, I know it’s a weekday…..

  60. Sorry H…unable to go tomorrow…most any day I am available but taking my Mom to a couple Dr appointments….
    Check out this cool picts website…old planes like me.

  61. Excellent day for flying today…… I gotta say a big thanks to Gregg for showing up & providing moral support. I was able to maiden two warbirds today with success. Other than a couple of “dead sticks”, everything was great. Back to the drawing board for some more tuning and will be back next week to get it right……

  62. Nice find on that rare planes site. Really like the “Swoose Goose” and the Curtis Ascender. ‘Course I’m partial to pushers!!!

  63. Happy Flyin this weekend dudes… I’ll be out of town. But i am taking a plane with me… LOL

  64. JC you missed a great sunday morning! Nothing like flying in the fog! Viz was anywere from 200 to 400 feet! Then at 9AM, poof, Blue skies…!
    Hope to cya all again next Sunday! Oh and Gregg thanks for not imposing the Newbie fee this morning… πŸ™‚

  65. aawww Gregg….we’ll have to get the next guy…

    Man, did I miss flying this morning…but I had a great time with A.J. Saturday morning….another priceless moment thanks to this wonderful hobby!

  66. Man.. I’m looking forward to flying this weekend. But if the wind doesn’t let up… We’ll just have to settle for watching Ed fly.. lol

  67. JC…if the wind does not let up…while Ed is not flying , Icould bring my guitar and we could have a sing along.

  68. I’ll bring mine too… Cool..

  69. I’ve got an AIR Guitar ! I always carry it with me just in case of an emergency…. πŸ™‚

  70. Looks like a great weekend of weather! Cya all on Sunday!

  71. Hiya Guys.. I may not make it out on Sunday. My wife was involved in a minor Car accident and is suffering from a good case of Whiplash.. She will be fine but I will have to fill in for a couple of extra days until she is better.. Have fun!!!!

  72. Sorry to hear that Ed.. Hope she feels better.. There are very few things that come before flying.. and family is one..

  73. Thanks JC! BTW I have a stray Tribute parts are you interested??? No Fuz but gear stabs and a wing…. Let me know and I will try to remember to bring them out the next Sunday..

  74. That would be cool!! Parts always come in handy.. Specially with my dead stick landings.. It’s the weirdest thing… Once i get about 2 feet of the ground the engine stalls out… That’s on every landing… It can idle through an entire tank on the ground…. It makes for interesting landings…

  75. Hope all is well Ed….

  76. Bud, she is up an about now and doing fine. Thanks!

    JC, Have you changed out glow plugs lately??? Try a fresh A3 if you are using around 10% nitro… I will have the spare parts out there Sunday, barring diasters… LOL

  77. Ed, I’m using a TT GP .42 engine. 15% nitro. I’ve changed out the plug several times. They suggest a 10X6 prop and i’m using an 11X4. I’m thinking when i slow down to land at idle the head speed forces the prop to spins too slow, causing the engine to stall. I’m just guessing… I’m going to try the 10X6 to see if it makes a difference.. If not, i might be looking in to a .46.. Last resort.. lol

    Bud, Thanks for the pics.. They look cool!!!

  78. Hey JC, if you want to try a .46 just let me know. I have an Evolution 46 that should fit you just fine. If you want me to bring it out on Saturday, let me know.