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  2. Can anyone else get to the archived previous discussion page?

  3. Geeze, it was working last night. I’ll look into it JC.

  4. Try it now, it *should* work.

  5. U D-Man!! Thanks dude…

  6. Hey H, From what i’ve read, i have to modify the motor mount on my tribute to fit a .46. If you could bring it, that would be cool. That way i can check for sure if i do need to modify it.
    Thanks H

  7. JC, I keep trying to send the vids…but they won’t go through…I’ll get em to ya!

  8. Thanks Bud.. No rush..

  9. A bit windy.. but another nice weekend of flying..

    Hey Bud… I know you got some cool videos this weekend.. LOL

    Thanks again for the parts Ed.. I’ve already put the landing gear to use…

  10. Hey who had the pic of the Zero “nose over” landing?????

  11. JC, Glad the parts came in handy!! And you’re Welcome! Sunday was a lot of fun hopefully I will be out again this Sunday, depends on work…

    I somehow missed the Zero, who makes that bird???

  12. This is a shout out to those lost in the Bermuda Triangle!

    Hey Bill, Steve, Paul !!!!!

    Haven’t seen you guys out at the field in a while! Hope all is well and hope to see you guys at the field!!!!!

  13. Monster Planes USA in Lake Wales. October 17-19…..

    Anyone going?

  14. I’m going on Friday.. Much better than being at work.

  15. Bud, I’m planning on going, I just haven’t determined if I will go on Friday like “H” or Saturday..

  16. Yeah, where are those guys!?!

    Going to hafta pass on the monster planes event. Work…

  17. I was planning on going Friday after dropping the kids off at school…I took the day off. It’s in Lake Wales….wherever that is….I havent got a good location on it yet. I guess I will just do a search for lake wales…I would imagine it would be at the airport there.

    I think I overheard Gregg and Owen talking about it.

    Steve from Bob’s Hobby will have some birds out there. He brought a huge, cool jet out sometime last month…it was huge!

  18. We should meet up. The airport is just down the street from my house.

  19. Yeah, I spoke to Steve today and he will have his OV-10 Bronco out there. Should be very cool.

  20. Folks, Check out the RED ALERT on the front page…very disturbing news…..

  21. I plan on flyin tomorrow!

  22. Where is everyone flyin this weekend?

  23. I hope to run into you all at the giant bird event in Lake Wales. I am planning on going Friday!

  24. I am taking Stretch with me on Friday to the Monster Planes event. I think Steve wanted to caraven out there.

    Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you out there????????????????

  25. Hope to see you guys there on Friday….I am trying to get Owen to go with me.

  26. I think i’m heading over there Saturday…

  27. Monster Airplane Show Lake Wales …minimum of 30lbs…no max limit.
    Spectator general admission is $10.00 per person per day, payable at the gate on the day of the event. All tickets are general admission, no stadium seating – bring your own chair. Children under 7 admitted free of charge. Food and trade vendors are on site. 9AM-5PM FRI-SAT-SUN
    Food and trade vendors are on site.

  28. Come on JC!!!
    Call in SICK!

    Where is this field Chris is talking about?

  29. I wish i could.. I used a sick day last week… So i have to be good this week..
    Not sure where the field is… There is a park called Blue Jacket Park in Baldwin Park. But i’m not sure if that is it. It has a large round field.. Google the name and you can see it.. Again, not sure if that is it.

  30. Ok JC…your off the hook. Hope you get a chance sat or sun. I am takin AJ with me tomorrow…I think he will have fun.

    I googled Baldwin Park…is it the one in Winter Park? Wow…what a drive up there if that is the one.

    Where is everyone gonna fly Saturday morning?

    I drove by the field on 417 and saw the fence. There is a gate…I think I can still pick a lock….:)

  31. Hey Bud.. There is an empty field at the entrance of the Osceola County Softball Complex. It’s one light south of Osceola Pkwy on John Young. Just passed the Lowe’s.. I fly there once a while.. It’s not huge.. but it’s OK for electric planes… Check it out on Google maps…

  32. Is anyone familiar with Rocket City RC Club???? Any members??

  33. JC, there is a small little park in the entrance of the new sawgrass mills subdivision off weatherbee. I saw it biking last weekend. NO houses around and it looks good for electric and gliders and maybe a small nitro. It has a couple of covered picnic benches and some uncovered. Doesn’t look very used…not alot of houses in the development yet, but literally, NO houses. it is near the southcreek MS.

    Where is Rocket City?

  34. JC, there is another big field right behin the Nissan dealership by my store.

  35. Bud, I drive by the field behind the nissan dealer all the time. There is nowhere to park unless you jump the curb..
    Let’s pick a place to meet up saturday morning and we can check them out.. And try not to get arrested for trespassing… lol

    “H” Guapoman2000 might be able to give you some info on Rocket City RC Club. He’s talks about it on RCGROUPS. Actually He provably can tell us about most of the clubs and fields around the area.

    Carlos.. Are you out there???

  36. Monster Airplane Show was great.

    Does anybody know if the Boggy Creek site is all fenced in yet. Can we fly there tomorrow?

  37. Greg, Bud said it was fenced and gated..

  38. I was gonna run buy the boggy creek site in a little bit to see if the gate is locked or open…if we can get in it might be the last time…will post as soon as I get back….Bud

  39. UPDATE… Don’t go tothe field. I just forwarded an e-mail from Mark’s wife. Apparently he is working on some things and if we use this field it will jepordize the new area.

    Nobody knew he was working on anything…I think we all thought it was a dead deal.


  40. UPDATE… Don’t go tothe field. I just forwarded an e-mail from Mark’s wife. Apparently he is working on some things and if we use this field it will jepordize the new area.

    Nobody knew he was working on anything…I think we all thought it was a dead deal.


  41. Great for Mark and the other flyers. It’s unfortunately going to take some time and maybe a little tree shaking here and there to get a field. Hope these developments progress further.

  42. Hey Guys!

    Sorry about this morning!

    JC, When I get back from Galvaston I’ll head over with you to Plan “C”. I was out of batteries today. Where you heading tomorrow A.M.?

    Where did everyone else go today? H? Gregg? Glenn? Chris? Owen? Ed?Ryan? Stretch?

    Where you going tomorrow?

    I will be out of the next for the next 2 weekends. I am heading to Galvaston TX with HD for hurricane relief.

  43. Well good luck to you. Galvaston looks like a nice place. Are you bringing the slow stick? I’m just chillin with the fam this weekend, ‘going to try to sneak into the workshop for a few minutes though.

  44. Nothing to be sorry about Bud.. It’s part of the process of looking for a new home.. LOL

    It looks like it’s going to be a windy morning.. But if i can, I’m going to fly at the Osceola County Softball Complex. It’s one light south of Osceola Pkwy on John Young. Just passed the Lowe’s.. I fly there once a while.. Check it out on Google maps…

    We’re are you guys flying??? It’s no fun unless we’re criticizing (constructively) each other.. LOL…

  45. JC, I have to run some CAT5 in the morning, depending on when I get that done I will try to get over there…

    Bud great Video.. Have a safe trip to Tx.

  46. Hey Ed, Just checked and tomorrow is not looking to good. 12 mph winds by 8 AM.
    I guess it will be a good day to catch up on home repairs…

  47. Yup…looks like I can sleep in a bit….

    Thanks Ed! I’ll try and let y’all know how it is over there.

    I had alot of fun with the video… I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when it happened.

    Anyone else head over to the Monster Show today?

  48. JC I hear yea…. Bad for flying but it will make it nice to be in the attic…. πŸ˜‰

  49. Alright!! I’m having fun flying my foamies in front of the house, but i don’t think my neighbors are enjoying it as much… LOL

    I landed a foamie on my roof, which was cool.. except it has no landing gear.. at which point i had to bust out the latter…

    Where are we flying this weekend???

  50. Well, I will be visiting the Sanford Aero Modelers club on Friday. I would also like to visit the Osceola Flyers also, but don’t know if I will have enough time.

  51. Oh, on Saturday, I will be going to “Warbirds Over Deland” I think it’s 80″ w/s minimum. If anyone wants to go, just let me know.


  52. “H” If you get a chance check out http://www.rcacf.com/

    One of the gas guys that flies at Boggy Creek is a member there.. Don’t know his name though..

    I’ve been there a couple of time. It’s a cool field. They have a concrete runway that sits on top of a hill. They seemed friendly… And they have a Porta-Potty!!! Very important… LOL

  53. Hey JC, was that the guy that had a Hangar 9 Spitfire???? I think I remember something about that, just never saw him fly it.

  54. My friend who lives in the housing area at OUR field told me today that on her way to work today folks where flying at the field. I drove by yesterday (417) and saw that the gate is still open and no signs.

    Where did everyone go last weekend?

    Have fun @ the airshow H …I would go with you – but I will be on a 9 hour bus ride to New Orleans on Saturday, then another 5 hours to Houston on Sunday…I will be looking out the window evaluating every open field I see for “Airfield” worthiness. Get some good video…I think I am become a photo/video junkie….

    Anybody got an old iron? My wife will not let me use hers to put the monokote on the Mini Ultra – can you believe her?

  55. Bud,

    I have an extra model irion you can have. It looks very similar to the one from Tower Hobby. The knob is missing but still works fine.


  56. “H” I’m not sure if that is the guy or not. I would recognize him if i saw him.. He’s not on any of the pics we have.

    Bud.. I thought you were leaving last weekend… Take ur slow stik with you.. from what i have seen, there are plenty of open fields out here since the hurricane.. lol

    Any news from Mark????

  57. Hey Bud, I saw the camera for $319.00 on Amazon. When I bought it, I paid @289.00. Still a good price considering all of the cool features…

  58. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    It looks like Sunday maybe the only day worth flying. If the old Boggy Creek location is still open and not posted let me know and I will come out Sunday morning…

  59. Wow, I finally get a full weekend off and wouldn’t you know, the winds are going to be too kicking to fly small electrics! Arrgh!

  60. We need an indoor place to fly!!!! Anyone??? Anyone??? Bueller???

  61. Second! That would be awesome. I’m building a F3P Morback right now and probably will only be able to fly it at night or on completely windless days. <10 oz target weight!

  62. Third! I’m building an EFLITE Enticement F3P. I’m hoping to keep it between 5 and 6oz… Hoping!!!

  63. Hey guys!

    how was the weather this morning? anyone fly?

    chris/jc…would love to see some photos on the blog of your build…. it’ll give me something to look at on my down time.

    the bus pulled out of the millenium hd @ 7am. it’s 4 pm and we are about 3 hours from our first stop in new orleans. then on to houston tomorrow (btw- iam posting via my phone, sorry for the grammar/puctuation).

    as i am sure we have all been apart of a hurrican/trop storm…they tell us it is still very bad in galvaston.

    i miss flying this weekend.

  64. Hey Bud… Good luck on your trip.. Keep us posted… We’ll have to make up the flying time when u get back…

    Anyone flying tomorrow??? Where???

  65. Has anyone been by the Boggy Creek site??? I was just driving by today and it looked so tempting. I really hope something can be resolved. If not, it’s definitely a club for me. I would certainly be dissapointed if we couldn’t all fly together again….

  66. H .. which club do you like the best…the closest one to me is on Narcoosse Rd and I hear they have a waiting list. Hopefully, a new site for us will be found.

  67. I wouldn’t count on anything working itself out soon. Without a more organized push, and a lot of patience for a bureaucratic system, I honestly doubt things are really going to move forward on that field, or any other open field in the Orange county area getting official sanctioning soon. If you are a gasser, I think clubs will be your only option any time soon. Good luck H, and when you guys finally get in, maybe you can help with sponsorship of some of the others at the old field!

  68. I’ll be hitting up the Baldwin Park site from now on until something better comes along. Its not bad at all, just hoping to fly with you guys again soon. Bud, that park you found looks pretty good, I’d like to join you some time if you want to meet up!

    No build thread on the Morback, I’m not even going to bother making it look too pretty since I am sure I’ll crack it flying around the neighborhood in the evenings!

    Gregg/Owen/JC, where and when are you guys flying? I’d love to join you, so give me a call when you want to meet up!

  69. Yeah Chris.. I hope ur wrong… but i think ur wright.. I don’t see this getting resolved…

    I spoke to Francis and he says they are flying at Osceola Flyers… That’s the club Ed belongs to.. The only thing he doesn’t like, besides the rules i’m sure, is that you can’t fly until noon on Sundays…

    I’ve been flying over at the entrance of the Osceola County Softball Complex. It’s one light south of Osceola Pkwy on John Young. Just passed the Lowe’s.. You can google it and see it… It’s pretty big.. and no one bothers you… That’s the good thing about small electrics.. You can fly them anywhere..

    If you guys want to meet up there or anywhere.. count me in…

  70. Check out this Russian Tupolev Tu-95 Bear. It is a 4 engine bomber that has conter rotaing electric motors.. after you click on the site watch the video.
    Owen I plan to go to the old annex by the ball fields in the mornings during the week so not to upset the ball players.

  71. Hey Gregg, I heard from Steve @ Bob’s that the Naroossee field is/will be closed down. He also mentioned that there will be a “new” field to be built in or around Moss Park. That will probably be a while.

  72. I am keeping in contact with Mark’s wife to see if/when there any new developments. It is what it is…. I will probably still join somewhere. I am going to check out the Osceola flyers this upcoming weekend.

  73. My final post for the day…and the tear jerker..
    I have retired my SU27. I can’t understand why the ground wants to keep on hitting it. Anyways, it served its purpose. I should have copied it before I put it together. I have a replacement on the way. It is the F22 from Yardbird RC. A little expensive, but I will definitely make templates before assembly..

  74. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Sorry to hear about the early retirement of you SU27… I normally fly at Osceola on Saturday mornings from about 8am to 12…

    Oh and a note to the Electric flyiers, our current club president is looking to adjust Sunday hours for Electric flight. That hasn’t happened yet but I will let you know when we have a change in our Sunday morning flying hours…

    Hope to Fly with you guys agian soon!


  75. Hey folks!

    I can’t wait to get back and fly!

    yup…galveston got hit Hard…. The hd is super busy and it will be a while before things are back to normal.

    our schedule is: up @ 4:15, bkfst @ 5. bus leaves @ 6. arrive 7, work til 6 pm or later…then another 1 hour to get back to hotel. we will do this mon-sat, bus back to new orleans sunday and bus back to orlando monday.

    it always amazes me about the human spirit….

    H, did u go to the air show? Isn’t there another show coming up in november?

  76. What’s up people????? Hope everyone is good.. Any one flying this weekend?? If so, where???

  77. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    If all goes well tonight I’m going to try and hit my club field tomorrow morning… We shall see what the Ghost and Gobblins bring tonight.. LOL

  78. Happy Halloween….from deep in the heart of Texas! Go Gators !!!

  79. Hey Bud… We got some flying to catch up on… Be safe man…..

  80. Just got back from the Osceola site and had a great time. Many thanks to Ed for showing me around. There was no problem getting some flight time, and everyone was very friendly.

  81. I went to the Osceola site today with Stretch. It was empty!!! It was raining on the way over there, but since it was such a drive I decided to head out anyways. Somebody forgot to lock the gate behind them. Anyways, I like the setup. Nice place. I just wish I would have been able to see someone fly and maybe talk to some members. Oh well, there’s always another day.

  82. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Ryan, it was a pleasure to meet you and I’m glad to see you out there… You did a fine job flying that Cub in the crappy wind that was blowing yesterday.. πŸ™‚

  83. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    H, I’m sorry I missed you. I normally fly between 8am and noon on Saturdays but I was there until rain showers ran us off about quarter after 1PM or so yesterday. On Saturdays there is usaully a Morning crowd and an Afternoon crowd.

    Oh and next Saturday is our Monthly Club meeting wich starts at 9:30AM.. So all who are interested come by and check it out!

  84. Thanks Ed, I am glad you thought so, my sticks were a little shaky! I mailed my application today.

  85. Ed, Ryan and all….
    On Sat I will be going to “Give Kids the World” near Disney for a morning work project… and then plan to drop by to see the Osceola Flyers. Will anybody be there after lunch? Can I bring a plane?

  86. Bud, how you doing in Texas? How about them Gators. Those “Dawgs” took a old fashion whoopin’.

  87. Hey Gregg, I am trying to see if can get together with Steve Jacobs so we can go together. I already went to see it and I like it. I don’t think you can fly as a guest if you’re not an AMA member. I AM NOT SURE. Anyways, hope to see you there. I am trying to convice myself that it really isn’t that far from my house. πŸ™‚

  88. Hey H…good to hear from you. The Osceola field is 22.3 miles from my house. You surely have farther to go. Current dues are $45 per year which seems low. I have been an AMA member for a while so maybe they might let me fly as a guest.

    The Orlando RC Org on Narcoossee Rd will have a joining fee ($100?) plus dues of $200 a month to cover costs of a new feild. I am not sure of the location of their new feild.

  89. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Gregg, I my Saturday morning flying buddy Ron works at the Give Kids the World on Tuesdays and Thursday. (Small World.) If you are going to be there after lunch I will extned my schedule and try to be there until at least 1PM. Oh and yes you will be allowed to fly if you have an AMA card… Let me know if you have any additional questions.

  90. Hey Ed, don’t new pilots have to “buddy box” until you are cleared to fly solo???? Sorry for the silly question, I’m just not sure how it works.

  91. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    “H”, No need for that. But we do have trainers and Buddy Box available for those who feel they need the help… Oh and I’m one of the trainers. πŸ˜‰

    Oh but if you don’t show good control over your aircraft you will be asked to except additional instruction… πŸ™‚

  92. Define “good control”… LMAO….

  93. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Can you crash on the field??? πŸ™‚

    Strangley we have had a rash of seasoned pilots putting aircraft in to places they should never be. Saturday my friend Ron crashed into one of the Pavilions and on the previuos Sunday my friend Kenny put a Cub into a truck in the parking area… Both appear to be radio hits in the 40 range of the 72mhz band…

    That is the big thing about this place… They don’t want accidents of this type and they are serious about the pilots keeping planes in front of the pilots stations. Other than that they are ok… πŸ™‚

  94. Hey everybody!

    I made it back in one piece from G-town deep in the heart of Texas. What an experience. Some long hours with a 17 hour bus ride each way. It felt good to give back and help out.

    By the way, the Friday before I left I reached my weight loss goal….85 pounds….now in the red corner….weighing in at…… 200 pounds….

    A big bonus was stopping in New Orleans each way. We spent the night downtown. There are a plethera (cool word eh?) of things to do from sightseeing, sports and of course partying!

    If you have never been to New Orleans, put it on your bucket list. It is a really cool town. If you have been to Duval Street in Key West, just imagine that about 150 times bigger.

    Can someone put the address of the O-club so I can figure out where the heck it is or drop me an e-mail? I would love to come and see it.

    Gregg, those Gators are AWSOME! Did you catch the Texas game?

    Hope to see everyone soon!

  95. Bud,

    Oseola Club
    3267 Pleasnt Hill Rd, Kissimmee

  96. Hey Bud.. Glad to hear ur back… Did u have to go right back to work or did they give u some time off??

  97. Hey Bud, it’s about time you get back!!! J/K of course. Glad to hear you are back and all is well. Congratulations on your weight loss. I am sure you feel like a new person. I can’t believe I have let myself go the way I have. Anyways, some of us are going to go out there on Saturday. You are always welcome…

  98. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Guys the Flying site for the Osceola Flyers is on Reaves road and Pleasant hill Rd. There is a light at the intersection and a Fire / Rescue substation. If you are coming from the north side turn Left toward the substation and follow the gravel road…

    Look forward to seeing you guys out there!

  99. Do you guys know how long it takes to get the AMA card once you’ve applied and paid online?

  100. Hey guys, I think the weather looks great tomorrow for some morning flying at the Baldwin Park site. Anybody else game?

    I’m probably going to drag my kids to the RoarNSoar AND the Blue Angles show this weekend. Not sure which will be on what day but both are looking to be great events. Anybody else going?

  101. Hey Chris let me know if you are going to baldwin tomorrow and i’ll meet you there….

  102. I’m definitely going to be there tomorrow. Planning on heading to the Roar n Soar in the late morning so I won’t be there too long. Hope to see you there JC!!!

  103. Cool!!! Where do i park once i get there?

  104. Anywhere adjacent to the field. You can park and carry your plane 20ft and fly it from there! I’m leaving in a few since the time change has me screwed up!

  105. Ed, where were you? I got to the Osceola Flyers field at 12:30. Met the president John and a few others and decided to join, even bought a club shirt. Flew my Ulta 25 twice. Nice site just a little far (23 miles one way).
    Miss you guys.

  106. Hey Gregg,
    Tessa and I had a great morning out there. I had to run after the meeting though to watch the little guy. Glad to hear you joined.

    Hey Bud, Tessa was looking AJ out there.

  107. Hello guys
    Hope everyone is doing well.
    I would like to inquire if anyone is going to fly in Baldwin Park tomorrow. If so then please let me know so that i can meet up with you.

    Thanks and goodbye,

  108. Hey guys, just got back a little while ago from Roar N Soar out at Fantasy of Flight. What a great event! Cool to see all the RC action, beautiful antique cars, and of course the vintage warbirds. Kermit even flew his Duck which is a beautiful sight! All that and admission to the museum for 22$ is a great deal.

    Go check it out Sunday! I have a few gripes but they are minor. Got to meet a real Tuskegee airman and his artist in the memorabilia shop.

    Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to KSC to watch the Blue Angles show. Anybody else going?

  109. Elvin, I flew with JC at Baldwin today. Very nice day, static winds, beautiful skies. The ppl are not exceptionally warm and friendly, and I understand they are trying to prevent the word from getting out about their site. As I understand it, they lost their old site and then the cops basically told them they can’t fly because it quickly got out of hand when people started showing up from all over. Don’t let that bother you, its a public park and they really can’t be too much of a prob. At they same time, respect to the locals.

    I probably won’t fly tomorrow.

  110. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Sorry I missed you guys. My wife is under the weather so I had to change my plans… If all goes well I do intend to try and fly tomorrow but I will just have to see…

  111. Hey Owen!

    RU online! Just wondering what your newest creation is!?

  112. Hey Bud.. I don’t think Owen goes online much… He’s more of a pony express type.. lol
    Try sending him an e-mail..

  113. He’ll morse code the response!

    Actually, Owen is on dialup and does not check the site out often. I’d love it if he were to participate more in the online activities but I think we are all happy that he makes such awesome planes so he has an excuse!

  114. Owen’s commputer has been down for several weeks…he says he will get around to it soon.

  115. What’s dialup?

  116. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    One step above “Smoke Signals”… πŸ˜‰ Hey guys the weather may hold off enough to get a little flying in on Saturday morning! Hope to cya then!

  117. Hello, hello……………Sorry i’ve been out for a while…..anybody flying Sunday????and if so, where and what time.????

  118. Hey Steve, welcome back! Tomorrow is a no-go. Winds are kicking for a few days pretty hard. Today was beautiful but got windy fast.

  119. Steve Jacobs (FINGERS)

    Hey guys,
    Any body flying Sunday????I’ll be there about 9am or so…

  120. Hey Dude!!! Anyone heard anything from Mark?? Just wondering…

  121. Anyone flying this weekend?

  122. JC, I gotto pick my nose tomorrow morning……how bout you? πŸ™‚

  123. Bud, It looks like 14 mph winds to start the day off tomorrow morning… But what the hell!! Boogers it is…. lol

  124. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Sunday is looking pretty good though!!! πŸ™‚

  125. Anyone doing booger’s house tomorrow? Weather looks like it will clear up.

  126. Boogers it is!

  127. Happy turkey day to everyone!!!!! Even you, fingers!!!!! Alright, who’s gonna do some flying????

  128. Thanks H !

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else!

    I’m there tomorrow morning. I’m charging batteries as I type.

    I’m bringing my new camera…so I hope Stretch shows up….lol

  129. Steve Jacobs (FINGERS)

    Yea. I wish you ALL a happy bird day, even HERMANDISE….Any by the way, all the fingers work….

  130. Sweet deal, I will be there!!!! Are you coming out also Johnson?????

  131. Happy Thanksgiving all!! I’ll be out of town til Sunday, but i brought a plane with me… lol Looks like a perfect day for some turkey and flying…

  132. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! JC it is indeed a great day for Turkey and Flying! I’ve done the flying already, now I’m just waiting for the Turkey.. πŸ™‚

  133. The day was phenominal!!! I don’t think we have had a day like this in a while, the sky was sooooo blue. Flying was superb!

    I am thankful for meeting everyone!

    H ! We missed you….Fingers’ F-22 crashed and lost the fuse from the leading edge forward…with a little coaxing, he flew it as a DELTA….I got some vid I will post soon. You were right about the camera – SWEET!

    I’m doin the Black Friday deal with the wife, but I will be out Saturday and Sunday!

    Hope to see you guys there!

  134. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Bud, where are you guys flying now???

  135. I’m sorry I missed it. I was on three hours sleep, and I couldn’t get up. The video is hilarious!!!!!! Good job on the remodel Steve!!!! I will be going out there tomorrow with Stretch to try out my Hellcat.

  136. Steve, that was nice!!! I think you finally found the sweet spot on the F-22.. It was nose heavy all this time.. LOL
    I’ll be doing some flying down here but in a small park… Catch you fellas next weekend…

  137. We flying tomorrow????

  138. Not I. Work this weekend, both days 😦

  139. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    I’m gonna try and go out Sunday morning.. I have a new Yak to try out…. πŸ˜‰

  140. I’m there Sat a.m. . Sunday I am flying to D.C.

  141. Good luck with that trip, Bud! Hope I don’t see you CSPAN!

  142. Do not come out anymore….there is a sign on the gate that says “Keep Out Viloators will be prosecuted”.

  143. Go Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone watching????

  144. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Gregg, Thanks for the heads up… Hope to cya at the Osceola Flyers field..!

  145. H…yeah I was watching at a “Gator Party”…outcome was also good…we covered the 10 point spread….hopefully after the BCS today we will play in the big game….by then Harvin will be back….who ever the Gators play, they better bring their A game.
    Go Gators!!

  146. Ed…hopefully I will make it out to the Osceola field next Sat to attend the monthly mtg…patched up the Cub..and flew it yesterday.

  147. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Gregg, look forward to seeing you then.!

  148. Hey JC!

    Heading out tomorrow?

    Gregg, got your message! Thanks!

  149. I am such a bonehead.

    Ok, so I got a little money going jinga-linga-ling…..end of music….that the Mrs. doesn’t know about…and go to Bob’s and get me 2 new receivers for my spektrum, one for my slowstick and one for my “almost” completed vista glider.

    As I am working on the vista this afternoon, I say to myself, “Self, the wind has died down a bit, lets fly the slowstick in front of the house- you’ve gotten pretty good at flying that thing….”

    So I open one of my two brand new spektrun AR6100 receivers, slap it on the ole slow stick, do the binding process, and do the binding process, and do the binding process (getting the jist of where this is going?). So it will not bind. I check and double check the wiring to ensure I have everything going in the correct direction. I read over the instructions for the umteenth time.

    And finally….in little print, only one little line in the instruction, “will not work with the DX6…”

    Guess what radio I have….you guessed it- a DX6.

    So now I have 2 AR6100’s. One with straight pins, and one with pins going up and down.

    Is anyone going to buy any new receivers? If so maybe we can trade…or if you have upgraded to a DX6i or 7 we can trade for your DX6 compatable receivers…if not I will have to go back to Bob’s someday with my tailhook in my hands, beg forgivness and try to exchange for the – I guess- AR6000.

    I have to work Sunday, I hope you all have good weather.


  150. Hey bud

    good time to upgrade to dx-7
    i got one brand new ( spare)


  151. Hey Elvin!

    Where you been flying? Did you get your millenium wing up? How about the Chris’ old plane?

    How did you get 2 DX7’s?

    Lets hook up next Saturday am where JC and I have been flying!

    Give me a call!

  152. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Bud, sorry to here about the DX 6 confusion Bob’s has great costumer service so I’m sure they will work with you on exchanging the RX’s…

    In the meantime I have completed my first slo stick… 18oz’s and 180 Watts of Power…. Yes I’m a very sick man…. πŸ™‚

  153. Ed, It was good seeing you Sat at the Osceola feild….Those “Slow Stick” wings will really flutter with that kind of power…giddy-up !!

  154. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Greg it was great to see you also!

    Luckily that left stick has a setting other than “11”.. πŸ™‚ I think it was Elvin or Chris who were flying a slo stick and I got a chance to see that flutter in action…! (Very Impressive.)

    The power system for my slo stick was from my spare parts bin, you can’t beat recycling!

    Now all we have to do is get the slo stick fight organized… That I will start at the next club meeting…

  155. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Greg, when you get a chance could you drop me a note at hibrass@@embarqmail.com, drop the extra @ sign to make the email work..

  156. What’s up Dudes??? Bud and I will be flying at the Osceola softball complex tomorrow morning. If anyone’s interested in coming out.
    It’s 1 light south of Osceola Pkwy on John Young Pkwy.

    Ed, Man my tribute 36 is screaming to fly!!! I ran 1/2 tank of gas through it this weekend to keep it in running shape. It wanted to get away from me and fly really bad.. LOL

  157. Bud
    happy flying with your tower hobbies
    glider , new Dx 7 radio

  158. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Hey JC!!! I know the complex you’re referring to, I’m only about 5 miles away… Do you think the Yak will fly there?? I do have a foamy and SE5 running….

  159. Hey Ed! I don’t know if it is big enough for the YAK…but I would love to see you try, I think you are good enough to pull it off!

    Chris! What’s the word?

  160. Hey Ed, It was nice to fly with you again today. Now you know where we hide on the weekends. We need to get some more of the troops out there.

    Bud, Thanks for the video man!! You made me look good. Except for the part where I almost chopped me head off… LOL

  161. No problemo JC!….Sorry I missed the flying today!, Ed, sorry I missed you. What did you bring?

    I was up late trying to finish the vista…couldn’t get the ar6100 to bind to the new dx7.

    H ! Let us know where your next “undisclosed” location is!!!! I know JC is dying to fly his gasser…and I need some more “Stretch” footage!

  162. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    JC, it was nice to cya again!

    Bud I just brought my foamy and a Slo Stick, I will be back and will catch you on the next try!

    Have a great Christmas all!

  163. A big thanks goes out to Gregg and Owen for helping me with the maiden flight of the VISTA GLIDER!

    We got one of my two new receivers to bind, added a little nose weight…and off it went!

    Thanks Gregg! Thanks Owen!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

  164. Happy Holidays to all!!!! I will probably not be doing any more flying until after tax season. I really miss hanging out like we used to, but I also look forward to better tims ahead. Please be safe and enjoy the holidays!!!

  165. Hey Bud… Glad it worked out.. Did you take any video??

    “H” I hear ya brother… It ain’t the same without the crew all together and talking smack… lol I’m sure we’ll find another place.. Soon i hope!!!

    Happy Holidays and Happy flying to all….

  166. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!

    Oh and JC I will be ready to maiden the PA Extra this weekend…. πŸ™‚ The addiction is not quit ready yet…

    Hope to see some of you this weekend!

    Ed and the Gang!

  167. Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been incognito lately. I’m over in the Galveston area (some areas are still completely devastated) for Christmas. Be back on the 28th. Have not done much flying this month as I’ve been in a bad schedule all month long-1AM to 1PMs. I have been flying the snot out of my Morback in the hood and over in Baldwin in the calm evenings, but otherwise, have not flown much since Thanksgiving day. When I get back, I hope to join you guys down at the softball field and maybe once or twice coordinate with you to visit the Osceola field.

    So Ed, you getting an Addiction? I’ve been reading the threads over in RCG and I think this is on my buy list soon! If I can get one of the yellow and black ones I just might make the plunge.

    Ya’ll have a Merry Christmas!

  168. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    HIya Chris!! Merry Christmas!

    Believe or not.. But the Addication if for the Wife! After 26 years she finially saw a plane that she liked!!!! (I’m not making this up.) πŸ™‚

    Buddy Box here we come, or divorce court, again… LOL

    Ed and the Gang!

  169. Hi Guys,

    Merry XC-mas….Santa claus brought me a Twinstarn (Two motors) that I will convert to electic right after I finish the Acro Bipe (.46 conversion to electric) I have been working on for two months.

    Go Gators,

  170. Bud,

    It was great flying with you and Owen yesterday and helping you with the maiden of your motorized glider…the Vista…I was really impressed with the folding prop.

    Go Gators,

  171. Well, it finally happened….I crashed and burned my Mini Ultra Stick……Looks like I have some big time repairs to make before it’s airborne again….the pheonix will rise again. Man- I love that little plane.

    The good news it that I soloed the VISTA today while flying with JC. Had a 30 minute flight with a beutiful long touchdown.

    Thank God I still have the old slow stick and the f-22 to put together…

    JC and I will be out there tomorrow am…looks good till about 9-10am.

    Go Gators!

  172. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Anyone going to be out in the morning…? The wife is under the weather so I;m going to stay close to home But I was considering going to the area JC has been flying at on Sunday morning..

  173. Hey Ed, Bud and i are meeting up with Gregg and Owen tomorrow morning.. I think… I haven’t heard from Bud yet… Give me a call before you head out.. 407-342-6953.. The addiction flying yet???

  174. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    JC, my leash has been lenthened… πŸ™‚ I will meet you and Bud up by Greggs area..!

  175. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Man what a Glorious day!!! Hope to see all of you again soon! All of my minor road rash has been repaired and I’m ready for round two!!

  176. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Hey JC!! The Addiction has flown!!! The wife and I snuck out to the park this evening…. Two flights and and Zero trim changes…!! Hovered on the 1st flight!! Wow! I think I like it better the Extra… LOL


  177. Sweet!!!! Can’t wait to see it fly… It is an awesome hover machine.. Got to take some video and post it on the main page.. I’m hoping to join the addiction club soon.. Maybe when i learn how to fly better… LOL

  178. Anyone flying tomorrow??

  179. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Yeah sure……. You need to learn to fly better…. (This is coming from the guy who can catch his own airplane..) πŸ™‚

  180. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Question for the day….

    I just picked up a Castle BEC only to find out that I need a Castle link to change the Voltage setting… Anyone have access to one that I can borrow…???

  181. Hey Ed, I only catch them to keep them from hitting me on the head… LOL

    Can’t help you with the castle link, but I’m sure someone around here can…

    Looking forward to seeing the addiction in action…

  182. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    JC, are you flying tomorrow morning??? Depending on work I’m going to try to sneak out for an hour or so…

    I will update in the morning..

  183. Grr… I was hoping to get to fly on NY day or maybe this weekend but it looks like the wind is picking up again! Maybe Sunday I can meet with ya’ll?

  184. Ed, I won’t be able to make it tomorrow morning.. I’ll try to catch up with you this weekend…

    Chris, long time no fly with dude!!! We should all meet up this weekend again…

  185. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Well lets hope for a nice weekend…

    In the meantime….

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  186. Happy New Year!

    Let me know where you all are going…I’ll catch up with ya!

    Chris, How’d the CA thing turn out?

  187. Happy new year !

    Happy flying

  188. Happy New Year All!!!!

  189. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Happy New Year!!!

    I just got back from the Park… The gusts are brutal.. The forcast for Saturday and Sunday look great for electrics!!! Hope to meet up with you guys then!

    Ed and the Gang!

    Oh and my wife flew on a Buddy Box for the first time in our 26years together…!!! πŸ™‚ And the plane is still in one piece!!! πŸ˜‰

  190. OK, this weekend is ON! I’ll give you guys a call and coordinate. Not sure where this park is that you are talking about but I’ll find out and be there (mebbe with offerings).

    Frohes neues Jahr!

  191. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    I’m flexible… ! JC you have my number give me a ring and let me know were you guys are going to meet…

  192. You fellas want to meet over at Gregg and Owens place??

    Gregg, Are you going to be out there Saturday??

  193. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    I’m in!

  194. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Hey JC, I’m going to be taking my boys over to Denn John Park after 3PM today. Depending on the winds and how much they annoy me… LOL

  195. Ed, I won’t be back down in our side of town till after dark tonight…
    Hey were do you fly at Denn John Park ?? By the lake or the baseball fields???

    How’s the addiction doing?? I showed the wife the picture.. I got a B-day coming up soon… I started planting the seed.. LOL

  196. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    LOL… PLant your seeds early and water well!!!

    The Addiction is doing well. I’m going to retest it today with HS65’s on the ailerons.

    We fly off the auxillery field behind the swimming pool.. The field is just the right size for 3D flyers…

    In the meantime I hope to cya Sunday Morning.

  197. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Hey JC.. I just got done putting a solid 25 minutes on the Addiction…. All I can say is wow…!! HS65’s on the ailerons was worth the effort. This is the first plane of any type that I have been able to perform a nice Knife Edge without any mixes.. No tuck or pull and no roll coupling… I’m flat amazed.. It flies better than the PA Extra 260. The 260 is a fine Mini IMAC bird but doesn’t come close to hovering or Harries like the Addiction…!! I can’t hover that well but this thing it temping me to do stuff I won’t do with my foamy…. LOL Thanks for the tip!!!!

  198. Howdy!

    It was great flying with you guys today! Just like old times!

    I loved the taxi races!

    An ADDICTION video will be out soon!

    Thanks for getting my chair guys!

    I’ve been thinking…( uh oh)…I think we should give some cool call signs to everyone we fly with…sort of like the “Top Gun” fighter pilot helmets….but it must be agreed by and given by the group, with no influence from the recipient…


  199. Hey Bud,

    Can I be called “Gator”….? Taxi races were fun

  200. I vote Gregg can be “Gator”….

    Go Gators!

  201. Gator Greg has a nice ring to it already, consider the call sign locked!


  202. Gator…good callsign

    Fingers…good callsign

    Owen… “Jacko” ? (Jack Nicholson)

    Ed… “Yakman” ?

    Stretch… “Crash” ?

  203. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    I have been refered to “Yakman” before, LOL …. Post party results…. πŸ˜‰

    Bud thanks for the vid! Nice work as always!

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