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See something cool? Want to talk about flying? Field conditions? Gripe about the weather? This is the place to do it!

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147 responses to “Discussion

  1. OK guys, had to start a new discussion page. We were at 204 entries on the last one and it was getting harder to load up. Use the link above to go back and read archived comments and enjoy!

  2. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    There is an error. I can reach the first backup on Hyper Link “2” but receive a 404 error when clicking on ‘1’….

  3. Should work now. If not, I’ll tweak it some more! I love wordpress’ 404.

  4. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    You’re good to go!

  5. Hey Ed, How’s the repairs coming along??

  6. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Hiya JC!

    The repairs are nearly complete. PA was able to get replacements parts to me in 3 days flat… They arrived today..! There were more cracked Fuz parts then we discovered at the field and the motor mount structure was wasted.

    PA offers a replacement motor structure just for such occasions. If it wasn’t for the weather I would be test flying it this evening… 🙂

    So, all in all it was a pretty straight forward repair without any major problems… I will have a better idea after I test fly it tomorrow or Friday.

    More Soon!

  7. GATORS !!!!!

  8. National Champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Must be a bunch of Sooner fans outr there!

  10. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Hehehehehhehe 😉

  11. Who’s flyin tomorrow?

  12. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    I have work to do tomorrow so I won’t be out… I just hope I don’t miss the Bud Light Girls or something…. LOL

    Have fun guys!

  13. My wings iced over…..

    What is the procedure for de-icing foam?

  14. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley


    Oh sorry, I just noticed you were referring to the Foam not the Pilot… 🙂

  15. De-icing foam… let see.. You can dip it in the Hudson river… LOL
    Hell of a pilot that dude!!!! He can fly my foamies anytime…

  16. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Any flying this afternoon or tomorrwo???

  17. TOO COLD to fly today…and it it’s pretty dogone windy….

    I got to work tomorrow… 😦

  18. What’s up fellow flyers??? Looks like the winds are dying down just in time for the weekend… PARTY!!!!!!

  19. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Yep Weather service is indicating under 10 all weekend including Friday! I plan on buring a lot of Gas and Electrons this weekend!

    Hope to caught up to the gang at some point…

  20. Hey Ed, How’s the addiction??

  21. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Fixed!! And flying like a champ! 🙂 I have been flying at the Denn John Park over the last week, I may go out again tomorrow once the winds drop down…

  22. What size servors did you end up going with??

  23. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    I started with HS65’s in the tail and HS55’s on the Ailerons, then I change those to HS65’s. The 65’s are really the way to go or something in that ballpark… The 55’s are just to soft for anything but general use…

  24. Hi Guys,

    Owen (seventhtry@att.net) now has e-mail on DSL hi-speed, he may not check it every day but send him a note so he will check it more often.

    My TwinStar (conversion to electric with two motors putting out a total of 800 watts) is almost finished. Total weight is 5 lbs 9 oz… 145 watts/lb…awesome..!!

  25. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Holy Sh*t!

    That thing will launch out of your hand..! Can’t wait to see it..

  26. Looks like a nice cold morning for flying tomorrow…
    Anyone heading over to Gregg’s place tomorrow????

  27. Gregg’s it is!!!!

  28. Heck yeah! Beautiful weather. And. I have a prototype to bring for show and tell. Now taking pre-orders!

  29. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Any chance you guys might go out again on Sunday?

  30. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Another quesiton… Anyone going to be out this evening before dark???

  31. Going out ~8ish in the AM, hope to see you there Ed!

  32. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Hopefully I can catch up you guys next weekend.. Looks like I’m grounded for tomorrow… 🙂

    Fly Safe, Have fun!

  33. A big THANKS to Chris for helping me achieve another level in this cool hobby!!!!

    He helped me build my new Yardbird F-22 I got for Christmas!

    It flew like it owned the sky!

    I’ll tell you what….what a great weekend it was for flying! One minute it seems as though the winds were gonna pick up and ruin the morning and then they just died out….

    Here’s some trivia questions….

    How many golf ball can I fit into my bomb box?

    How high can a golf ball bounce?

    How many “little parachute guys” can I fit in my bomb box…and lose?

    How big of a smile do you think I had all weekend?

    Hope to see everyone next weekeknd!!!!


  34. Sorry I missed you guys this weekend… I was at a two day fund raiser for juvenille arthritis…
    Owen and I plan to fly Mon and or Tue to test out our new planes … will report the out come.

  35. Don’t forget to take some pictures!!!!

  36. First flight of the Twinstar was excellent… required two clicks of down and that was it..the motors were running 9×4 Master Airscrew props at 12,000 RPM pulling a total of 66.5 amps at WOT weighing in at 5 lbs and 9 oz. Used a 3S 4900 MAH 20C LIPO to run both motors. Flew it for 7 minutes..bat temp 104 F. Charging it now.

  37. We also tested out Owen’s rebuilt YAK 55 that he got from Arron and put on some monster ailerons. First flight with 3S 1300 …once I got it trimmed out, Owen flew it arround nicely.. we then switched to 2S 1600 and bigger prop and again flew nicely butt not as fast.

  38. Fast forward five hours after bat charge…2nd flight Twinstar… well there is good news and bad news. The bad news is at the 5 minute mark of second flight, the left motor sqreeched and quit … smoke was pouring out of the nacelle…was able to land it single engine and rush up to the plane and unplug the battery. The motor has seized which caused a melt down of the 40 amp ESC that I borrowed from Owen. Owen was not with me on this flight and does not know yet about the ESC….I owe him one and need to replace the motor and ESC for me.

    P.S. My wife will not allow it in the house now because of the smell of burning electronis, wire, and the nacelle.

  39. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Damn… Gregg most people go to electric to avoid an engine out senerio…. I’m glad to hear the bird didn’t burn up..

    Did the Lipo survive?

  40. Yeah Ed, the 3S 4900 mah Lipo was in good shape .. the bat temp was 110F…but it cooked the left engine ESC but good. I think the initial problem was the left motor (turnigy) seized and caused a direct short back up to the ESC which made a nice smoke trail like your big YAK.

  41. Ya right…short circuit….gotcha….

    Can you say birdstrike?

    Nice landing Sully!!!!

  42. who’s flying tomorrow?

  43. Heck yeah! Hopefully I can get my but out early enough to beat the incomming wind. Looking forward to maybe testing your plane some more, Bud!

  44. Anyone have any trouble with their AR6100’s?

    I think either the ESC was interupted or the receiver is bad…although I had about 6 flight on the Vista with no problems.

    The AR6100e is the same one I had to return and get a replacement because it wouldn’t bind…


  45. Bud,
    Sorry about your Vista…
    I talked to Owen this morning and mentioned to him that your ESC tested out OK and that I thought it might have been the AR 6100E that lost lock to transmitter like the problem I had on my “Shrike”. It takes about 4-6 seconds to re-lock and the damage is usually done by then.

    Owen said Glen Dunlap called him yesterday and said one of his planes kept crashing with same problem using AR 6100E…he had to bind it quite often and still has the problem.

    I crashed my Shrike 2 to 3 times with same problem…..My fix was to rebind it then always plug in the battery to the plane before turning on Transmitter (Not recommend practice with old 72mhz style radios…..OK for 2.4 Gig radios))…have had at least 5 flights with no problems…I always check to see the solid light on in receiver before each flight. Not possible to check for the light on my Acro Star Bipe but still plug plane in first.

    I will try to research more.

  46. Could this be the issue?

    Spektrum DX6i Stick Pot Service Bulletin
    – Attention DX6i Users –

    Link to the full Service Bulletin I’ve posted on our fourm at the address below.


    From the Spektrum Customer Service Email:
    DX6i owners are advised: our service center has a concern of potentially bad stick potentiometers, which can be identified with this easy process:
    1) Turn on your transmitter and select the servo monitor display
    2) Smoothly move the sticks in each axis, carefully watching the commanded position on the monitor
    3) The monitor should show smooth movement tracking with the input. If the monitor “jumps” or hesitates, please send your system in for service using one of the links below
    Radios with a date codes of 809E, 810E, 811E, 812E should be carefully checked. If your radio does not have a date code, the test is still advisable. And please, as is common, check your controls before flight.

    We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

  47. Just letting everyone know that the trex some have seen me flying is for sale. Here is the link for craigslist http://orlando.craigslist.org/tag/1015546347.html

    and for rcuniverse http://www.rcuniverse.com/market/item.cfm?itemId=479745

    Its in good condition and flies very smooth.

  48. Heli is sold. Well traded it, but its gone now.

  49. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Hey guys! Anyone interested in my PA Extra 260… I’m making room! 150 for the Airframe and Motor and Spinner and a spare set of Carbon Wheel pants! No other radio gear…

  50. Hey Ed… Man that is tempting!!!! What motor do you have in it??

  51. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Turnigy 35 36 SK 1000KV . It has been a strong performer so far. It is the same motor that was in it when you last saw it… 🙂

  52. To Ed Harley,

    I am trying to build a foam plane with pull, pull. I think you got the hard ward servo arms someplace special. Can you post some pics, or send me some?

  53. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Glenn are you referring to the control horns on the control surfaces of my foamies??? If so I can get the link for them… On the servo side I just use a standard Servo arm and I can get you a picture of that setup..

  54. Who’s flying tomorrow….?

  55. The “TwinStar” flies again….During the second flight on 26 Jan, the left motor seized causing a direct short and frying the ESC. I was lucky to get it back in one piece.

    Installed the motor and ESC (replaced by HobbyWing) along with a UBEC and flew it twice today.

    Will be at a work party for “Give Kids a World” on Sat but plan to bring the twin out on Sunday.

  56. Has anyone thought about adding a B/S/T section to the blog????

  57. B/S/T ? Whats that?

  58. I plan to take video of the twin on Sunday!!!!!

  59. What cha selling “H”???? LOL

  60. Buy/Sell/Trade….
    I am looking for a Top Flite Giant Scale P51….. I have an airplane that I wanted to trade for it. My “trade” plane is a Hangar 9 B25 J Mitchell. It is partially assembled, and includes two Evolution .36 engines already installed. The tail feathers are on, and one wing half is done. All specs could be found on Horizon’s web page. 80″ wing span, etc, etc….

  61. I’ll give you 75$ plus a lowes card that has 1.52$ on it and I’ll trade a slow stick for the ’25.

    OK, no seriously, I am completly drooling. I wish I wish I wish I could take that off your hands H, but I just don’t see it happening anytime soon. Besides, I’d absolutely have to go electric with it and that would only make the investment worse!

  62. Actually Chris, they’re designed to go “e-power” right from the box. Templates for the motor mounts included!!!! Easily powered by two Power 46 outrunners….

    Just throwing it out there…

  63. Man!!! I guess we better get our flying done Saturday… 19 MPH winds by 7 AM Sunday…
    We need an indoor place to fly… Anyone?? Anyone?? Bueller?? LOL…

  64. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Hell, I won’t fly my Yak in that stuff… 🙂

    I hope all is well with everyone!

  65. Does anyone have a bicycle rim I can have, preferably a front tire. I want to try and fabricate a windsock.

    Thanks. Bud

  66. What about using a coat hanger, formed over a paint can?

    Wish I could join you guys this weekend. Sunday looks like a bust, anyway. Have fun, dont crash!

  67. OH, JC you missed the IRKS indoor fly-in a few weekends ago!

  68. Where was that at?

  69. I think they had it at the Cocoa expo center. IRKS is in Brevard.

  70. Gregg!!!

    I here the Twinstar made a flight today!!!! Sory I missed it. I want to get video of it!

    AJ had Pinewood Derby today so I couldn’t make it….it was a great day for him, he came in first for the Webelos and above!

    I came in second inthe adult/parent portion.

    We had fun.

    Hope to see you all next weekend!


  71. Who’s heading to Lakeland this weekend for the Florida Jets?

  72. I’m thinking about it, Bud. I’ve been to the last few events and they awe inspiring. Sunday would be the best day for me, since my wife has a bunch of things she needs me to do (sit the kids while she is at a baby shower!).

    I should be able to fly with you guys on Saturday!!!

  73. Looks like a nice morning for some foam and balsa bashing tomorrow!!!!! This time i say we don’t let the dudes with guns kick us out like last week…. LOL

  74. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Guns….? Guns??? Damn I wished I hadn’t missed that… 🙂

  75. Hey Ed, Lets just say it took an amry to kick us out!!!
    Actually, it was the army that kicked us out…. LOL

  76. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Damn you guys got in a fight with the US Army??? LOL That rocks! I hope it wasn’t them damn truck drivers from the 143rd… LOL

  77. Looks like I’m gonna fly with y’all tomorrow! I’m bringing my camera…I hope to get some great video !

  78. Ed, Yeah!!! Fight!!! It went like this.. Army: We have this place reserved for training for the day.. Us: Yes sir.. with the machine gun and 200 armed friends… And we moved across the street.. LOL

  79. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Aaah Yes….

    How to make friends and influencance enemies…


  80. Looks like good flying weather Sat & Sun morning!!!! Party on dudes…..

  81. Cant make it out tomorrow. Huge yard sale in our neighborhood and we’ve got a ton of stuff to get rid of!

    Sunday, maybe early. Did you all know the Titusville warbird airshow will be both weekend days? This is a great show, and I’m taking the kids on Sunday. Lots of cool vintage planes!

  82. Got my new 3cell 2200 lipos….the pulse will fly Sunday Morning!

    Thanks Fingers for letting me fly that cool Jet of yours!


  83. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Hiya Guys!

    I just wanted to let you all know that I will be moving away from Florida as of the 25th of this month. It has been a blast! I will still be keeping in touch via this site so be looking out for pictures of flying in West Virginia!!! It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you!


  84. West Virginia ?! WTF ?!

  85. Thanks for the memories, Ed. WV is beautiful country! Great trails, rafting and amazing rock climbing. But…if you hear banjos…. RUN! That’s what my uncle calls “Double Deliverance Country!”

  86. Hey, I bought the Freewing F-35 this week. Went together in a little over an hour and looks great! Small as hell with a 65mm Ducted Fan. My first EDF- LEVEL UP! Too bad it is going to be insanely windy in the AM tomorrow 😦

  87. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley


    Long story but I lost my job and I’m going back to the old family farm… 😉 And actually the Wife and I both have chances at jobs nearby so you gotta do what you gotta do.. 🙂

    I plan on keeping our home here so I can imagine I will be back from time to time… 🙂 In the meantime I will send some pictures back of the new digs I think you guys will enjoy them!


  88. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley


    It was a pleasure! I look forward to staying in touch! Yah gotta love the internet!

    And I agree on the best parts of WV, I spent many a day in my youth at places like Smokehole and Senaca Mountain. Hell I learned to run a canoe from the rear seat by the time I was 10…. Luckily I will be in the North Central part of the State so I will be avoiding most of the Double Deliverance Country!! LOL

    Good luck!


  89. I hear you Ed. It was great watchin you fly and meeting you. I yearn for the country living my friend. I wish you and your family nothing but the best! Please send photos and vids of your flights up North!

    Take care brother.


  90. Hey Ed, Good luck up there… Plenty of open land to fly!!!
    Keep in touch..
    Say goodbye to the addiction for me.. LOL…


  91. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley


    I’ll make sure to give it a hug just for you…. 😉

    Take care of yourself, it was a pleasure to hangout and fly with you… And I’m sure we will get a chance to once again!

    Ed Harley and the Gang

  92. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley


    WV isn’t that far away so if you or anyone else is in the area please be sure to drop me a line and drop on in…! 🙂

    And I will be sending you shots of the new flying area so that you guys can post them up here!!

    Thanks again!

    Ed Harley and the Gang!

  93. Looks like Saturday is the onlyday to fly this weekend…. Who’s flying?

  94. Saturday morning….got my transmitter and coffee, walked out the door to go fly, took 5 steps out of the door and turned around….way to breezy for me!!!

  95. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Walk out the door this morning……

    It was snowing….. 🙂

    Yes at the end of March no less…. 😉

    Ed and the Gang in the frozen, wet and windy North Central WV.

  96. Anyone up for some flying on Wed? I’m jonesin to maiden my EDF F35 and my BipeX and the weather looks great!

  97. Always up for flying…what time…let me no and I will call Owen.

  98. I never ccould spell …”no” should be “know”

  99. Hey Chris, are you going to get some video??? I would love to see the F35….

  100. Hey guys, sorry. Was away camping the last two days. Gregg, assuming the winds aren’t kicking, I’ll try to be there about 0815. H- I’ll get some video after I’ve got a few flights under my belt with it! Assuming I don’t DOINK it the first go!

  101. Chris, I am confident you will do fine. Good luck with that, and don’t forget to post some results at least…

  102. Fellas, Saturday morning looks like a winner!!!!

  103. Hopefully i can make out there tomorrow too. Ive been waiting since sunday to maiden my worlds model unijet. Been the longest week ever. two ducted fan maidens in one day would be nice.

  104. Sorry guys, gotta work the AM. Sunday though!

    Thanks for the well wishes, H but I doinked it. Had the CG where I thought it was supposed to be but it was seriously nose heavy and no amount of stick movement would pull it out. Lawn dart style, boyeee. Made a new nose and heres hoping to remaiden!

  105. The unijet flies!!!! took off and needed about 5 clicks of downtrim and 3 or right aileron and flies like its on rails. this is one sweet flying jet. not the fastest but fast enough. sounds like its going faster than it really is.this is one noisy edf jet. lands like a trainer too.i love it

  106. Who’s flying tomorrow?

    I’m bringning my camera. Chris, you bringing the 35?

  107. Heads up dudes!! http://www.bigskyhobby.com has the AR6100e DSM2 ML 6-Channel Receiver End Pin – Air by Spektrum for $34.99.
    $38.03 delivered.
    I just ordered one.

  108. Hey bud, if you upload the videos of the unijet to youtube or somwhere let me know plz. Thanks.

  109. I’ll have the unijet up this week…I’ll post it here….the raw video on the unijet came out nice!

  110. Good deal, JC! Looking forward to the unijet video too.

    Looks like I’ll be able to fly Sat, weather permitting. Perhaps another go on the F-35, this time with the CG back forward again. Can’t believe that it didnt end badly the other day!

  111. Anyone flying friday morning??? I’m off so i’ll be out there…

  112. Great job 0n the videos bud! When i was researching on wether to buy the unijet or not i couldnt find any good videos of the unijet. I sure would of like to have seen a video like that. Great job. Im going flying friday morning for a bit.

  113. Thanks Abel! You did some nice flying that day my friend!

    Friday is out for me…but Saturday I am there!

    Owen…still trying to get the “Box Plane, Part 2” to load for me!

  114. Just got back from a great although windy, session with JC and Abel. Got the F-35 probs resolved and had 3 great flights. It’s plenty fast and handles the wind fine! Turns out, the CG was way too far aft (obviously) and the linked ailerons were interfereing with the elevator response. I’ve taped off the ailerons but I still need substantial up elevator on take off otherwise it will nose plant-apparently this is normal for this plane.

    Great time! Thanks guys!

  115. The 3DX flies!!!! Ive been building a foamy out of 6mm depron, from some plans from the foamyfactory.com. Took about two weeks to finish building it. Finally after finishing at 4 today, i decided that i wanted to fly it. Even though the winds were at 16kts. Got to the field and was a little worried if the airframe would handle so much wind. Didnt want to just do a up toss because of the strong wind might blow it back in my face. So i did like an edf handlaunch but at a very slow speed. It was crazy, but it flew. I didnt want to turn it sideways in the wind, so most of teh flight was upwind. For teh landing i just slowed it down and flew it backwards lol till it was infront of me and landed it. Cant wait to fly it in smooth calm air. Specs are 37″ wings, like 46 length, 15 oz flying weight. 3 hs-55, a bp hobbies 20 amp esc, and bp hobbies A2217-9 Brushless Outrunner Motor. AR6000 receiver. Flies great so far.

  116. Anyone flying tomorrow morning?

  117. Almost lost the unijet! Since the bp 40 amp esc i had on it kept getting hot i decided to cut a hole in the nose to let air in. Worked but it needs to be bigger, i decided to put in my expensive elflite 40 amp esc. Went flying this morning and after about 4 minutes i rolled the jet inverted for some inverted flying and it cut off. It started to head straight down, got it to roll upright and level off about 10 ft of the ground, then i tried to make an emergency landing but it kept shutting off and on, i wasent using the throttle just trying to manuever it. it went behind the tree and i lost all sight of it. when i walked over to it and looked at it the esc was very hot, all the rubber surrounding it had melted and it smelled pretty burnt. As for the jet, NO DAMAGE. well just the canopy got a small crack on it, lol not even that crappy front gear broke, guess its a bit tougher than we gave it credit for.

  118. Abel, glad to hear you had no damage….
    I had the same problem with my helicopter. The BP ESC would heat up and cut off mid flight.
    Solved it by removing the heat shrink from the ESC and making sure the aluminum plate was on the top where it got plenty of air flow.
    Hope it helps…

  119. Glad to hear it survived well. I’ve had zero probs with my BP (usually TowerPro manufacturer) ESCs. Even run them up to their fullest rating without failure or probs. I have killed a few Electrifly (fry) ESCs as well as a few Hobby City ones. My first CC Tbird18 is still going strong after a ton of flights.

    Try JCs advice, or just go and get an inexpensive 60amp one.

  120. Got my F-35 ready to go again tomorrow! I’ve got the thrust vectoring paddles working, and heavily modified the thrust tube with a cone that takes it down to about 70% it’s original diameter. Should put out a stronger thrust stream now. Gotta love how easy it is to work with foam!

    Here’s to hoping these mods will work tomorrow!

  121. Yeah i got a 60 amp one. That thing is huge, it like half the size of the battery lol, also had to get a external bec since the 60 amp doesnt include a bec. total wasss $50, which is not bad. Im going to go during my lunch break and fly it c how it goes.

  122. well flew it for 4 minutes then it cut off again. IM guessing its gota b the receiver then. cus im using 4 servos and a castle creations external bec, so it shouldnt cause it to turn off like that.

  123. Anyone flying tomorrow in the morning time?

  124. The unijet is no more! It shut off today while flying and tried to land it quickly and tip stalled about 10 ft off the ground and was destroyed.

  125. absolute bummer! That was a beautiful plane, too. Too bad you could never nail the electrical problem. Could it be the battery was unable to handle the load? Did you ever try different batteries?

  126. Got to work Saturday….I’ll be out there Sunday!

  127. Well that was going to be my next move, after today if it shut off again. I got the 60 amp esc programed with the 15* timing and the 16khz or something like that and programed for 3 cell cut off so i figured that it would fly fine now, if not i was going to try another battery i had. Oh well…..might get one of those bp f-15 and c if i can put that fan in it.

  128. Check out RC groups for one of Owen’s Traveling Planes Video!



  129. Anyone going to be out flying tomorrow morning?

  130. What a fun day flying! See ya’ll tomorrow!!!!

  131. Aaron was asking in another page if anyone is up for Top Gun this weekend? I’m in, just gotta drive myself as I think I’ll have to wrap early.

  132. I will be there on Saturday with the family. I look forward to seeing you guys there.. This will be my first time at Top Gun… Can’t wait

  133. Going flying sunday morning and bringing my new hobby lobby rafale edf jet. Wont be the maiden flight since i put two flights on it so far but still itll b fun.

  134. Send me some pics of Top Gun! How was it?

  135. It’s good to see everyone still flying. Where’s the new field?

    P.s. Coole Bipe Gregg!

  136. ALRIGHT.. That enough rain…. I want fly this weekend!!!!

  137. Yeah flying time!!!! Cyall sunday.

  138. Ed \"The Yak55 Driver\" Harley


    Hiya guys!!! I hope all is well! I have seen some of your latest Shannanagins…. (sp)? The above like is from my new clubs monthly flyin! Enjoy!


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