Skycart flying go-cart..

Skycart from RC Groups foamie scratchbuilt forum

Work in progress.  On land- Very responsive.   In the air- Flies nice and lands super slow. 

I think it’s a keeper!!!

Skycard 1


3 responses to “Skycart flying go-cart..

  1. Kinda funny, about a week before this got posted, I received a short kit of it from Leadfeather/Motorhead (RCG). Nicely cut EPP foam and came pre hinged for only 25$! I just need to cut the rudder shape and assemble. Looking forward to joining the skycart fun when indoor season starts here!

  2. It’s a blast Chris!! Fast and maneuverable on the ground.. And sloooow flying in the air. Only problem i ran in to was torque.. I was using a 9-47 prop and it wanted to roll on power up. Changed to 8-43 and problem solved!!.. Good luck..

  3. Woot! Finally got my EPP Skycart ready. It is a blast! Perfect for the parking lot. I’m running a Blue Wonder 1500 on 3s 600mah. 8×4.3 is the champ prop on this motor!

    I posted a pic in the skycart thread on rcgroups. Not much to look at since they all look pretty much the same. Another Mario!

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