A great day of flying at this place…..

What a motley crew…..


11 responses to “A great day of flying at this place…..

  1. Where is this at? i was at international airport today and there was only one guy out there? Can we fly glow there?

  2. It is off Moss Park Rd. Yes you can fly glow, the only problem is that the people at the Firestation (the ones who gave permission) said we couldn’t have a big crowd there. So that kinda sucks.

  3. Ive flown there before then. Used to fly with a friend there, we flew electric helis there. Nice though, a place to fly my funtana, its been sitting there for almost 4 months with no flying.

  4. Oh okay, the only other thing I don’t like is that it’s really bumpy!!! If you have an airplane that is a little nose heavy, you need to be extra careful, or you’re almost gauranteed a nose over.

  5. Oh man!!! I hope we didn’t exceed the “Big crowd” rule…. LOL

  6. Yeah its bumpy i used to fly my mini edge 540 there and land on the road. Big field though, maybe this weekend ill try it out for the funtana.

  7. H…where were you? I called you twice, told you we were coming and you never returned my calls.

  8. Hey Gregg!!!! I have been out of town as of late. I did in fact see the messages once I read this.. Man, I look forward to getting together again with everyone!!!

  9. BTW, Gregg… if you are there this weekend, don’t forget to take your Stryker….. 🙂

  10. Ill c yall out there sunday morning

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