More Skyburner SU-37…

A great shot of Bud, JC and Gregg with our newly built SU’s! We had them all up in the air at the same time the other Saturday…what a blast! Hey Reggie…send over the video!

Also here is a video of the SU-37 shot by Abel!


4 responses to “More Skyburner SU-37…

  1. Ed \"The Yak55 Driver\" Harley

    What would it cost for one of you guys to put me a kit together and ship it up to lowly ol’WV???



  2. Hey Ed.. For a PA Addiction, you can get one RTF with a really nice Spiderman paint job and landing gear…. LOL

  3. Ed \"The Yak55 Driver\" Harley


    JC I hope you and your’s are doing well. I look forward to flying with you guys again…!

    Now about that trade……..


  4. JC-how is the ROG? I’m thinking of doing one with gear too. Would you recommend it?

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