SU-35 & F-14 (by Chris)

It looks like we got the SU-35 in the air. Gregg flew his first. Mine Maidened yesterday, Abel flew maidened his today (will get photos after he paints it), JC is still working on his. I included the F-14 of Steve’s, aka Fingers. What a great paint job! >Bud


6 responses to “SU-35 & F-14 (by Chris)

  1. East meets west. Now we can do some combat and finally put to rest whose better the russians or americans!!!! As the creator of the SU-37 said ” I challenged anyone to a mock dogfight anywhere, anytime!”

  2. YEAH BABY! I just wish I could be there to see it happen! Great job guys, all of you. Now get some video, Bud! 4 birds in the air at the same time!

  3. Dudes,

    You know I am up for the fight… Bud and I already had a touch in the air…no damage.

  4. Nice job on those planes guys…. I will have to vote for the American side… (just a habit).. Make ’em proud!!!!

  5. H….there is no American side …it is a Sukhoi Rusian jet…kit by Chris (American)…flight to the finish between comrades.

  6. Oh, thought there was also an F14 somewhere…. oops!!! Either way, get it on video!!!!

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