Owen’s Folding Sign Plane!

Awesome! This plane flew so well it was an instant hit!

Check out the wa you can fold it and mail it! > Bud


3 responses to “Owen’s Folding Sign Plane!

  1. Awesome plane, and to think it folds up into such a small area in just a few minutes from flying.

    I had the awesome honor of making it my next to last plane I got to fly before leaving. The last plane, well it is a different story. Sorry about crashing your delta, Owen. It was my favorite plane. Area 51 claimed another victim. Funny how we never loose planes on the east side of the field, only the west side….(que twilight zone music)….

  2. Ed \"The Yak Driver\" Harley

    Great stuff Owen!

    My address is RR2 Box 334A Farmington WV 26571

    If it can survive a trip to here and back, it could survive anything!


  3. Hey out of towners!!! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods… I’m waiting on Owens pocket plane.. That’s gonna ROCK!!!!!

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