My new SU-33

Hey, I know it’s a SU somthing or other…I want to call it SU-33…I like the way it rolls off the lips… A big shout out to Chris for the design and cutting it. It went together real well!

This was my first paint job so go easy on me. I hope to maiden this beast this weekend!

> Bud


2 responses to “My new SU-33

  1. Hell yeah! Hope you took a lot of photos, Bud! Great work, cheers to a fantastic maiden. I think you’ll find this design tame, and easy and then wild as hell when you put the rates up!

    Looking forward to your comments and suggestions! Don’t hesitate to help me improve this thing!

  2. Flew mine this morning (SU-35 Sukoi Super Flanker…get it right Bud) Owen was my launch control specialist. Had two flights…no real issues..flew experimenting with flaps and the CG.

    Will bring it Sat Bud.

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