Breath-taking flight line!

 Ed sends his greetings from beautiful West-by-God-Virginia!



Maybe you could post for the Gang to checkout…! As you can tell the Field is not exactly level… LOL But what a day to fly, warm (66Degrees, they say this is warm for here.) 🙂 clear skies and no wind…! The funniest part is you better be flying when you get to the end of the runway…… Because it is all down hill after that!

Way to go, Ed! We’ll miss having your presence at the field but we know you’ll be much happier out there in the beautiful hills. Really wish we could join you!


2 responses to “Breath-taking flight line!

  1. I love the field! Send more pics!

  2. Hi Ed,

    Your field and countryside looks awesome.
    Missed you at the Osceola Flyin…took my Twinstar and Ultar 25…was there for about 6 hours..good food, flying, and contests.


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