AWESOME Touch and Goes

Check out Gregg’s twinstar folks!      What a display of a fine pilot!  It was a great weekend for flying! >Bud


3 responses to “AWESOME Touch and Goes

  1. Nice job Gregg, those are impressive to say the least. You never dissapoint. Good job on the video work Bud, I see you got the hang of the camera. That was with the Canon right????

  2. Hey H!

    Ya man…the Canon…what a great lil camera! Thanks for turning me onto it!

    I am really getting into taping my favorite hobby!

    You need to take a couple of hours, bring your electrics and come fly with us!

  3. Bud, you have NO idea how much I am looking forward to April 15th!!!!!! I don’t think I will even remember how to fly the slow stick!!!! I can’t wait to see everyone and get together again…. I’ll be sure to leave the big stuff at home… 🙂

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