Owen’s Traveling Box Plane

Once again Owen has outdone himself with his newest creation. This plane is made to fold down into a small package in order to be mailed to the next pilot to fly and so on and so on. It was a great morning for a test flight…I think Owen has a few bugs to work out yet. Great job Owen!  ( I had some cool Ted Nugent music…but YouTube made me change it….Bud)

One response to “Owen’s Traveling Box Plane

  1. Hey Guys! Why don’t we have a contest? Owen did it with cardboard so…. why not have a challenge to build a plane (that flies) out of anything but balsa, depron, foam. Judgement day would be May 2 (Saturday) morning at the field. The winner(s) would get…since there’s no budget–your plane on youtube. Any takers? Aaron

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