Vista Glider Damage…

Since I’m not the greatest builder….do you guys think this is repairable? I bought some thin balsa and I have the thicker sticks of balsa as well. I also have some monokote left over from what Gregg gave me.

The fuse did not crack in half…the tail kind of twisted and cracked from front to back. It looks like I can peel back the monokote add some epoxy and a thin piece of balsa for extra strength and the tail will be good as new.  

I think I can pack the nose a bit and reattach the motor bracket with epoxy.

One of the servos got stripped…how easy it to change the gears…HS 65’s….or should I fork out $ for another servo…

Hey Owen…want to trade my AR6100E for an AR6000?  /////Bud


One response to “Vista Glider Damage…

  1. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Bud Servo gears for the HS series are easy to change.. I keep several set around just for these events… Keep one servo intact so that you have it to refer to while to repair the other one…

    As far as the Airframe is concerned… The most common error first timers make is not exposing enough of the airframe to determine the extent of the damage.

    Move several frames away from the damage and use a single edge razor to trim the covering away. The more you expose the easy it will be cover neatly and the more throughly you will be able to repair the damage.

    Fractured formers and stringers can be easliy fixed by forcing them into there proper position and then soaking them with Ultra Thin CA. Totally smashed parts should be cut free and replicated from new wood…

    Good Luck!


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