The F-22

A big thanks to Chris with his help building the F-22 – actually he did most of it…I helped and learned…

It was a great weekend for flying,  at least weather wise….  The F22 flew like a dream!

Chris had a bit of a rough weekend with Charlie Brown getting shot down by the Red Baron and this:

I think his luck will improve…just look at him flying the F-22!  Thanks again Chris!!!!   ///Bud


4 responses to “The F-22

  1. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley


    I want one!! 🙂

  2. Nice, Chris makes it look so easy….did he let you fly it Bud?

  3. Oh definitely buBud got to fly his own plane! I think there were 4 separate flights and a few attempts to program a mix in to control the ballooning on throttle up. Bud even landed it twice. Now that he has his courage up, I think he is ready to launch it himself since it is so easy.

    Good job Bud, NICE PLANE!

  4. Right on! Saturday morning I’m out there!!!!!

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