Farewell old friend….



We all know I’ve been hot-dogging it a bit lately. Estimated 200+ flights, trimming grass,  a splash in a lake, an in-the-car-trunk landing, and one time, in a tree (still waiting on those photos JC!). It was bound to happen sooner or later. Getting ballsey with each flight, I was sure to find the end of the envelope eventually. This time, the depth of field judgement was just shy while attempting to limbo dance beneath the powerlines.

The good news is, working with Gene and his shop, we should be able to do some limited run kits to answer all the demand for this beast. Hopefully, in a few weeks, we’ll have a few more floating around the fields!

“Great kid, don’t get cocky!” [Solo to Skywalker]


4 responses to “Farewell old friend….

  1. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Mmmmmh… Limited run kits….. I would like one of everything please… 🙂

    Are you guys going to consider making any Click kits???

  2. Sorry to hear about your jet’s demise. Please save a kit for me too…


  3. Wow Chris, it’s a shame to see it go. That is just the nature of the game. As long as we continue to push limits, things are bound to happen.

  4. Can not believe I missed that epic event.

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