The RED BULL girls have arrived!

Lovely night down at the undisclosed field that we’re not suppose to post about but everyone already knows about! At dusk, when the final flights were going on, the RedBull ladies arrived to deliver promotional liquid heart attacks in a narrow can for free! You.Cannot.Beat.That. (Unless the BudLight promo girls show up!).

What a great eve, thanks guys, and thanks Carlos “26 Acres” AKA Guapoman for the photos!

 And, despite his best efforts, Chow did not get her phone number!



4 responses to “The RED BULL girls have arrived!

  1. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Damn….. 🙂 And flying in the dark to boot… I sure miss all of the fun you “Young Folks” have… LOL

  2. The exposure makes it look a lot darker than it was.

  3. Ed "The Yak Driver" Harley

    Hey…! What are you doing awake at this time of morning… LOL

  4. DUDE!!! You got my number for a reason… Give a brotha a call…. LOL…

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