A-10 Disaster – Monster RC Airshow

FLIGHTLINE: Lake Wales – October 17, 2008.

I love the A-10. I saw alot of them during my military days. When I saw these 2 A-10’s at the airshow…I took alot of photos.

It looks to me like the spotters didn’t do their job very well. One guy is on his cell phone and never gets off it! The other jet loses control at landing…and with at least 27 acres I’ll be damn if he doesn’t run into one of the three pilots flying at the time.

The pilot was VERY upset. Word was the A-10 was worth around $25,000 and the kits are very detailed and difficult to build.

I think I will stick to my slowstick, mini ultra and future sailplane.


3 responses to “A-10 Disaster – Monster RC Airshow

  1. Great job editing this piece together, Bud!

    Sad for the A-10 and the Skyhawk.

  2. Bud,

    Nice job on the viedo…It was a great show and glad we went…27 acres is somtime just not enough.

  3. You know very simple safety measures would have prevented the whole thing. I acted as a spotter and had big conserns over the set up. Pilot stations were not marked and too close to the active runway. The 2 foot barrier was not any where strong enough or high enough to protect anyone. If the pilots were 10 feet or more off the runway with 4 ft of proper guard barrier nothing would have happened. Tiano IMO takes safety too casually at all his events and someone is going to get hurt badly I am afraid

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