yak yaK yAK YAK

Hey Ed!  As requested…just a little sumthin sumthin I threw together….

It was a nice flight and landing. I am amazed at how much power that bird has!

Anyone know the music I added?

Enjoy…. >>>Bud


5 responses to “yak yaK yAK YAK

  1. Bud that was too kewl!!! 🙂


  2. Bud, was that the theme music from “TopGun”?

    Ok and could you email the shot of my Yak in the same frame as the Airliner???

    That was one of the coolest shots I have seen in a long time… You have a talent there… 😉


  3. Hey Ed!

    Top Gun is correctomundo. What a great movie.

    I’ll get the pics out to you. I had a better shot, but you zigged and I zagged. Got a nice shot of the blue sky though…:)

  4. 🙂

    Bud I have the Pictures, they’re great!


  5. It’s about time someone used a tune from Top Gun in an RC video. Far too underutilized.

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