RED ALERT !! *** RED ALERT !!! *** RED ALERT !!!!

I received a call from Elvin this afternoon. He went to the field to fly today…he says it looks like they are fencing in our field….:( This might be the last weekend at the field….

I hope everyone can come out Sunday…maybe we can come up with another location? Maybe someone knows the owner and we can get our runway portion unfenced…..

Come one, Come all…. !


20 responses to “RED ALERT !! *** RED ALERT !!! *** RED ALERT !!!!

  1. Yeah, this is going to suck. Wonder what our options are? Perhaps we need to start working the city and county levels to get a field, but that is a long process.

  2. Will be be able to fly tomarrow?

  3. I’m flyin tomorrow!

    We may need a slowstick/foamie – pylon/balloon party/cookout send off Sunday!

    or…we could camp out there all week and claim innamate (sp) domain… 🙂

    I bet if we ask someone they “may” consider fencing around the runway.

  4. Do you guys know the park on Denn John Rd…? It has a large soccer type field. I have flow small Nitro birds and electrics there with no problem. And it is legal..

  5. WOW… That would suck.. I was out there Thursday all morning and saw nothing different.. Except two 18 wheeler parked there.. They may be trying to keep them out… I ll see u guys tomorrow morning…

  6. You guys need to work the County to see about buying out the RC WORLD property and having them keep it for nothing but RC Flying!

  7. I will come to fly with you all on Sunday morning!

    Hope to see old faces!


  8. Maybe it’s time to consider joining a club……

  9. For those of you considering a club this is the one I belong to. It is a great field. You do need to have a valid AMA and then pay Club dues of 45.00 per plus a one time 20.00 initiation fee.

    They are not as free wheeling as an Outlaw field but there not to bad thier’re big thing is safety first.

    If anyone has any questions about the club drop me a note and I will try and field them…

  10. Hey Ed, can someone like myself go to check it out without commitment???? Just to get a feel for a flying club “ambiance”. I would like to see the procedures, etc….

  11. Hey H !!

    Say it aint so!!!…

    Conforming to the man?

    Instead of flying free??….without a bunch of bizy boddies checking everything you got before you go, guys threatening to pull your card just because you did not fly the correct flight plan, guys on the board of directors with no sense of humor, standing in line to get a pit pass, having to put a pin on your radio, having to land on a runway, no more low level flights, no more ‘Tora Tora Toras’, no more 10 planes in the air at one time, no more experimental “Owen” aircraft, no more mid air colloisions, no more close misses, no more duck and cover, no more flying into the back of your vehicle, no more……. 🙂

    We got to find another place…..

    Like JC says, this is my therapy. Sometimes I fly…sometimes I watch…Sometimes I shoot the bull…. but I tell you what, I certainly have enjoyed hanging out with everyone.

    It may sound corny or dumb- but I truly enjoy my time at the field flying, watching, talking, hanging out with all you guys (and the occasional gal), and of course taking photos and videos of the pilots and planes. I am amazed at the amount creative things everyone comes up with and the knowledge of the hobby each person possess.

    I look forward to every Saturday and Sunday mornings.

    It has truly been a therapy for me as well, more than you can imagine…again…”PRICELESS”.

    Has anyone had a chance to talk to the developer? I think Mark said he was gonna make some calls…

  12. I know what you mean Bud, I am all for finding another place to fly like we do now. I sometimes think that it was just a matter of time though. I of course definitely enjoy going out there and talking smack with you guys and occasionally making a strafing run across the field…. or even a botched landing attempt. (Zero) I guess when I heard/saw what was going on, it kinda took the wind out of me. I definite;y want to continue flying there or help come up with an alternative.

  13. “H”, you most certainly are allowed to visit and check out the ambeance… Up to 3 trips to fly. You can hang out anytime you want if you are not flying. Remember this is part of the Osceola Parks and recreation land, so part of your taxes are supporting it.. Might as well take advantage of it… LOL

  14. Bud, You’re absolutely correct we have all of those drawbacks. I don’t know of a club that doesn’t. But if you take care of your business there isn’t much they can do but bitch… I think the biggest problem this group would have is that there is no Sunday morning flying… Which is one of the reasons I enjoy coming over to your spot on Sundays instead of going to the Club field on Suday afternoons…

  15. I’ve actually been to the club Ed belongs to a couple of times.. I didn’t seem too bad… It would take some getting use to. I did notice there were no electrics the times i visited. I can see where they might be upset at our style of flying (fly until the battery dies and the walk to the middle of the field to pick up our dead plane…) LOL..
    I’m with Bud.. Let’s look around and find another place to fly.. In that area alone there are tons of open fields.. Lets find one and fly it until we get kicked out..
    I remember seeing some guys flying on the other side of 417 almost across from us… I’m game for doing some driving around the area…

  16. JC, When I started there just over 2 years ago there wasn’t any electrics… In the last year they have grow by a large number… But the nitro birds are still the majority at this time.. And there are only a handful of Gassers…

    If I see any suitable area I will be sure to pass it on…

    Oh and Bud when are you going to post my flight vid!!?? 🙂

  17. Has anyone been by the field?? Just wondering if the finished the fence…

  18. We’re on RC Universe now! Come and register so we can stay intouch. I am at; , stop by and say hi.

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