New Clik!

OK, it is finally done. The replacement for my old “Don’t Tase Me Bro” 36″ Clik is now finally online and ready for maiden. Woo-Hoo! Too bad I can’t go to the field until Sunday…

6mm depron, 3mm depron reinforcers and supports. 2 9gr HXT servos and 2 5gr HXTs for the ailerons. Pull-pull on the elevator and rudder. TB18 ESC, AR6000, built for a 1000-1300maH 3S battery. AUW with 1300 Battery, just a hair over 16oz. Motor is a HXT Hacker A20-28s clone and gives a good hover at over half throttle on a 10×3.8APC. [..chris]

4 responses to “New Clik!

  1. Sweet Dude!!! Can’t wait to see it.. How much smaller than the old clik is it?

  2. Same size as the old-and the one you fly. Painting it took a while. Mostly me sitting on it thinking about how I was going to implement the painting and masking process. It looks purty but it took way too long for a foam profile. I started cutting this almost 2 months ago!

  3. Cool.. Nice paint job.. I’m thinking of putting landing gear on mine so i can fly it in the street in front of the house.. Was it you that was looking at a bipe clik?? I either saw it some where or someone mentioned it to me.. Can’t remember..

  4. Yeah, I guess the LG is just good for avoiding the PLOP they make when you land ’em. I did a small bipe clik/tensor hybrid a while back. Was light but the tail moment was too short and it tracked poorly at throttle. EDF has an awesome Clik inspired bipe that may be kitted soon by

    Check out his Clik and BipeX work:

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