Mini Ultra Stick Rebuild

All planes have history. This Mini Ultra Stick started with Aaron. As rumor has it, he took off from the road one day, but the controls were reversed…and BAM ! An upside down landing creating some structural damage to the fuse, elevator and main wing. Owen ended up with it and was going to fix it up…but seeing as he has about 6 planes on the bench or waiting to get it on the bench, he graciously let me fix it up to fly. A few nights cutting, gluing and re-enforcing things…I am ready for servos, ESC, receiver and motor. I made a new balsa battery hatch as well. Does anyone have a spare tail wheel ?  >>>  Bud


One response to “Mini Ultra Stick Rebuild

  1. I’ve got a salvaged tailwheel from my .25 Taylorcraft. I’ll bring it with me Saturday, it’s all yours if you weant it. BTW, how did the Cub fly-by turnout?

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