Owen’s S37

Owen isn’t known for giving his planes affectionate names or relating them to full scale aircraft. Just about every plane he’s ever built is given a humble designation like B03-for Bipe number 3. Planes made with a single fixed wing earn the “S” designation. Each one is unique and experimental in its own way.

One of the recent additions to his experimental fleet is the S37. It started as a pair of wing cores that I made as my first tests of my hot wire bow and power supply. Clark Y with a bit of taper. Gave them to Owen and by the next day he had an airframe built for it! Skip ahead a few weeks and he was ready for a maiden.

S37 needed some significant nose weight from the start. Even with the weight, it flew out of my hand with enthusiasm. The first flight was fairly stable, and appeared nose heavy but landed safely. Some experimentation with weight and the result was an interesting, zippy and unique aircraft. Unfortunately, some kind of bug met itsĀ demise after the first flight and left its mark on the wing (see photo).

Congrats Owen on another cool plane! [..chris]


2 responses to “Owen’s S37

  1. It was a cool flight!!!!! Keep them coming Owen! Did any of the viedo come out?

  2. Some, the best was the takeoff but it is only 6 seconds. I need a bigger memory card!

    Anyone have a proper DV camera they can bring to the field regularly?

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