Amm’s new F-16

Ammarin, on occasional visitor to our field showed up late Sunday morning with an interesting new toy. You might have missed him since many of us had already bailed, but this UCF engineering student from Thailand has a thing for non-turbine jet models!

Amm’s F-16 is from Hobby Lobby and running the stock 4S 2100mah on a 70mm single ducted fan. This is a beautiful model, very scale looking both in flight and static.

This was the maiden flight of his F-16. He did have some issues with performance at the high end of the throttle range as there was a noticeable pulsing sound from the motor. We were all expecting him to need a significant taxi but it bolted into the sky quickly in less than 25 feet! He kept the altitude low and level, not wanting to find the stall envelope to early! After a few minutes of flight, the bird floated in for landing, but stopped in the low grass rather quickly. There was some minor pancake damage from the landing on one of the wire gears and bent back the nose gear. Otherwise, impressive scale performance. Congrats, Amm! […chris]


2 responses to “Amm’s new F-16

  1. Very nice Amm! So proud of you!

  2. Wow…that’s cool plane. Your skill of piloting that iron bird is impressive.

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