Ed Harley and the YAK

Ed and his Yak54

Originally from Charleston SC, Ed is has claimed Florida his home for 20 years and has been in and out of the hobby since the early 90’s. Ed is flying his beautiful Yak55 from DawghouseRC.com. He describes it as a typical Chinese ARF. “not quite Aeroworks quality but very nice for the price”. This 16lb beauty is running a DA50 50cc engine and Ed says it “has been a pleasure to tune and run, good enough that I would consider buying another one”. He is running 2.4ghz on a Futaba 10C but with a quick module change, he can fly his 72mhz electrics on the same radio.

Asked about the field, he says “I really like it, the area available in front of the pilot is wonderful. I was comfortable flying close without feeling ‘squeezed’, if that makes any sense”. Yes Ed, it does!

Thanks for joining and the free airshow, Ed. [..chris]


One response to “Ed Harley and the YAK

  1. WooHoo!!! Front page!!!! 🙂

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