Some nice Planes

Some nice planes from Boggy Creek and my visit to the Florida Jets 2008 in Lakeland.


2 responses to “Some nice Planes

  1. I was there (FL Jets) on the Saturday of the event. Within a minute of me pulling into the parking lot, one of those BVM jets that looks like an F5/F20 slammed into the ground about 50′ from me. BOOM! Hate to see a crash like-guy must be out $5-10k. And to crash so close.

    Loved seeing that huge A10 fly, though!

  2. I missed the A10…but I caught the huge citation fly….they straped a full size video camera to the top of the fuse….I bet that was a great video!!!! I think there is a BIG plane event coming in October at the same place in Lakeland!

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