A Close Call on a windy day.

It was a windy, blustery day…oh my….where is piglit, winnie the poo?  Stretch’s aborted landing video….but he redeamed himself with a nice landing on the next pass!!! Was there screaming?…that might have been me. I was concentrating on getting the cub in my viewfinder…I looked up and saw the writing on the prop….What a great day!


4 responses to “A Close Call on a windy day.

  1. That was so close.. it put a lumpy in Stretch’s undies… LOL That wasn’t us screaming like girls.. It was the wind ;o) Great video work Bud..

  2. LOL, woah Bud, that was too close. After today’s near miss with Stretch’s son, people start thinking a little more safely. One incident like what almost happened could ruin the whole field. I’d expect a posted sign warning trespass if something had happened. ‘Lectrics are one thing, 40-60 gassers-completely different story.

    Keep it safe.

  3. That totally sucks…… I asked Stretch why he didn’t just tell the kid to do another go around if the guy was around the runway. I was not there, so I can’t comment on what “should” have been done, but it probably could have been handled differently. I don’t think it’s comical. I probably should not be talking since I have crashed a couple (cough,cough) of planes out there, but I would MUCH rather lose a plane than to risk the safety of others.

  4. We caught the mishap at the last second…it was a knee knocker all right. The guy on the mower actually leaned back a bit…I think it missed him by mear inches…I think we were all at the wrong place at the wrong time. It might be a bit of a blessing in disguise…it gives us all a bit of a wake up call to err on the side of caution…hopefully the word will get around a bit and we all set our caution/saftey meter a bit higher.

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