Hanging it up.

Just thought I’d share how I store my planes. Since space is a premium and I have kids, one of the best options is for me to suspend my planes from the ceiling in an accessible way.

PVC Airplane Hangers

PVC Airplane Hangers

This is a simple method that uses a few feet of 1″ PVC, two T junctions, four 90 degree elbows, PVC caps and a small amount of foam insulation to protect the wing. Easy, convenient, and takes about 15minutes to cut and assemble per plane.


2 responses to “Hanging it up.

  1. Very nice, my only problem is I am vertically challenged……… BTW, how can I post some pics of my hangar????

  2. I have a folding step ladder that works fine and quick. If you want me to set you up with a contributor account, I’d be happy to. Comments cannot include photos, though.

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