What’s in your HANGER!!!!!

Send/add photos of your planes in your hanger… I would love to see what you have, from scratchbuilt foamies to the ARF/RTF and stick built……

My first plane...

My first plane...


7 responses to “What’s in your HANGER!!!!!

  1. Just flew my repowered slow stick today and what a blast! I dumped the NiMh and geared GWS brushed pig, then picked up a brushless 2409-18 motor and ESC combo from RC Hot deals (Greggs recommendation) and a 3 cell 1300ma LiPO. Woo hoo.

  2. Congrats! I recently repowered mine from another brushless class motor to a more powerful one, and it was like a whole new plane again! I need to do some wing reinforcement because now it climbs so fast that the wings start to shake violently. Now running a BL-2217-9 (BP Hobbies motor) on a APC10x7. 20$ from Graves and a lot more power. Flies better than ever!

  3. Hey Ryan! Glad to hear you upgraded!!!I told you you would love the lipos!!! What a difference eh? You went from a ssslllloooowwww stick to a SLOW stick. (but I still love that cub)

  4. “Now running a BL-2217-9 (BP Hobbies motor) on a APC10×7. 20$ from Graves and a lot more power.” Why do they call ME overkill ???? Nevermind, I just remembered…. throttle management.

  5. Hey H ! Send me the video you took today on your slow stick! Thanks!

  6. Hey Bud, don’t you know that the whole time I had the camera off?????? What a dumbass!!!!! I thought I was capturing amazing footage and turns out I had the freakin’ thing off… Fear not, that will NOT happen to me again. 🙂

  7. Has anyone tried clipping their wings. I’ve read about stick flyers clipping their wings fron the ends of the ailerons outward. It may help with your shaking problem Chris.

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